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YS lonely liberal loyalists

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Though Yellow Springs voters came out in greater numbers per capita than citizens in Greene County or statewide, they were largely voting for the losing teams. Across the state, despite villagers’ protest at the ballot, Republican incumbents held their seats for governor, attorney general, auditor and secretary and treasurer.

In the race for governor and lieutenant governor, Yellow Springs voters supported a major underdog in Democratic challengers Ed FitzGerald and local resident Sharon Neuhardt. Incumbent John Kasich with running mate Mary Taylor carried the state two to one, while in Greene County they won by a vote of three to one. Third party candidates Anita Rios and Bob Fitrakis were trampled, but with a much higher percentage of the Yellow Springs vote, about 12 percent, than across the state.

County wide, the Kasich team took 73 percent of the vote, while FitzGerald had 24 percent, and Rios had 3 percent. In Yellow Springs and the western half of Miami Township, the story was reversed, with FitzGerald the overwhelming favorite.

In the race for state attorney general, challenger David Pepper came closer to Republican Mike DeWine, who received 1.87 million votes across the state to Pepper’s 1.15 million. In Greene County, DeWine got over 35,000 votes, to Pepper’s 12,000. In Yellow Springs, as usual, about 80 percent of village voters supported Pepper, while the Township was more split, with eastern side voters favoring DeWine and the western side more evenly split between the two candidates.

The race for secretary of state was no different, with Republican incumbant Jon Husted maintaining a strong lead state and county wide and handily beating challenger’s Nina Turner and Kevin Knedler. Yellow Springs voters felt differently, but to no avail.

Governor’s race by Y.S. and Miami Twp. precincts:
440: FitzGerald/Neuhardt, 377; Kasich/Taylor, 70; Rios/Fitrakis, 72
441: FitzGerald/Neuhardt, 279; Kasich/Taylor, 52; Rios/Fitrakis, 48
442: FitzGerald/Neuhardt, 303; Kasich/Taylor, 40; Rios/Fitrakis, 62
443: FitzGerald/Neuhardt, 354; Kasich/Taylor, 103; Rios/Fitrakis, 41

Miami Township
455: Kasich/Taylor, 187; FitzGerald/Neuhardt, 73; Rios/Fitrakis, 14
456: FitzGerald/Neuhardt, 152; Kasich/Taylor, 124; Rios/Fitrakis, 17

Attorney general race by Y.S. and Miami Twp. precincts:
440: Pepper, 418; DeWine, 101
441: Pepper, 305; DeWine, 80
442: Pepper, 337; DeWine, 72
443: Pepper, 365; DeWine, 134

Miami Township
455: DeWine, 204; Pepper, 74
456: Pepper, 158; DeWine, 136

Democrats lose Ohio’s district races as well
In the races for U.S. House and State House representatives, villagers again voted against what seemed like the rest of the world. For U.S. House of Representatives for the 10th District, including Dayton and surrounding counties, Republican incumbent Mike Turner won an overwhelming majority of the state and Greene County vote. Over 80 percent of Yellow Springs voters, as well as those in Miami Township west, chose Democratic challenger Robert Klepinger. It was not to be.

As for State Representative for the 73rd District, incumbent Rick Perales won an equally strong majority of the state and county vote, while Democrat David Ogan was the favorite of Yellow Springers and voters in Miami Township west.

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