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Council agrees on ’15 goals

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At their Feb. 2 meeting, Village Council members gave initial approval to four main goals for 2015. Discussion on goals will continue in upcoming meetings, after two Council members meet with Village staff to clarify some of the language. Council also agreed to revisit goals at regular intervals throughout the year.

The four main goals for 2015 are:
1) Water: Complete plans for the water plant and begin building. Complete the bottleneck and loop issues. Review/revise as necessary and begin implementation of the Wellhead Protection plan.

2) Decide how to approach economic development and begin implementation.

3) Decide strategy for sidewalk repairs and new construction.

4) Address fiscal sustainability, including completing monthly budget reviews.

The four main goals had been prioritized by Council member Marianne MacQueen, who at Council’s last meeting suggested that a longer list of goals be made more manageable by giving some more weight. Other Council members at the Feb. 2 meeting agreed with MacQueen’s choices for the main 2015 goals, along with a list of secondary goals that remain on Council’s plate. Some of the following secondary goals may be picked up by Village commissions for completion, Council members said.

6) Update Council Chambers — in progress.

7) Update website — in progress.

8) Determine strategy for Green Space Fund.

9) Determine best stategies for publically-owned land, especially the Glass Farm and 104 Dayton Street.

10) Explore improved Internet — in progress.

11) Expand parks department, including programs for youth, community and arts.

12) Complete housing needs assessment.

The list of goals, which has been compiled by Council members over a period of several years, also included some completed or substantially completed in 2014. Those included the hiring of a new Village manager; completing a water sourcing analysis; revising a multi-year sidewalk plan (in progress); supporting the CBE, which is currently off the table; and completing a substantial amount of the downtown streetscape project. An additional goal is to create a feedback system for police on community performance and relations.

MacQueen, Council President Karen Wintrow and Assistant Manager John Yung will continue to work on the framing of Goal #2 regarding economic development.


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