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Nipper guilty of reduced charge

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Jane Nipper pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct on Thursday, Jan. 7 at Xenia Municipal Court. Judge Michael Murry ordered Nipper to pay a fine of $150.
Nipper was originally charged with disorderly conduct, 4th degree, which is the highest level of disorderly conduct charge, on Dec. 22, by Yellow Springs Sergeant Josh Knapp following a confrontation between Nipper, Knapp and Police Chief Dave Hale in the Bryan Center parking lot. The incident took place shortly after Nipper’s husband, Patrolman Dennis Nipper, a longtime local officer, was told by Hale that he should turn in his gun and badge because he was being investigated by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, or BCI. After Dennis Nipper returned home, Jane Nipper returned to the Bryan Center to try to get more information.

According to the police report of the incident, Jane Nipper became upset and used expletives after Chief Hale said he could not give more information. Sgt. Knapp arrested her, charging her with disorderly conduct, 4th degree, because she had been warned that she’d be arrested if she didn’t calm down and didn’t do so, according to Knapp. That charge included a possible sentence of 30 days in jail and a fine of $250. Knapp sent the case to the Xenia Municipal Court, where, on Dec. 30, the judge continued the case for another week.

At the Jan. 7 hearing Nipper pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and apologized for her actions. The charge had been reduced to the lowest level of disorderly conduct misdemeanor because it is customary to charge for the lesser offense if the person has no prior arrest record and there was no violence involved, as was the case in this instance, according to the special prosecuting attorney Andrew Root of Xenia this week.


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