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Articles From August 30th, 2019

  • By bi-plane

    Yellow Springs News freelance photographer Luciana Lieff caught a ride on a biplane at the Springfield Barnstorming Carnival, and risked life and limb — or at least camera — to capture this aerial view of the village. (Photo by Luciana Lieff)

    Yellow Springs News freelance photographer Luciana Lieff went to great heights to get this photo.

  • Yankees are Minor League champs

    The Nipper’s Corner Yankees, the self-proclaimed “Gaunt Park Bombers,” are the 2019 Minor League regular season champions; the Sunrise Café Orioles still led the Major League standings.

  • Perry League— Hugs, backflips and King Cobra

    At a Perry League T-ball game earlier this month, one-year-old Ronan Triplett crawled down for a ball. (Photo by luciana Lieff )

    When Henry Campbell, 6, comes to the plate, he looks serious, like a man sent in to do a job only a professional like him can do. 

  • Close the camps

    Villager Pat Dewees, left, lights the candle of retired Rev. Lynn Sinnott, of Cedarville, in Dayton at a vigil held in Dayton's Courthouse Square seeking the closure of immigrant detention camps in the U.S. (Photo by Carol Simmons)

    Yellow Springs was well represented Friday, July 12, as an estimated 300-some people from the Dayton area gathered in that city’s Courthouse Square as part of a nationwide vigil seeking the closure of immigrant detention camps in the U.S.

  • William M. ‘Bill’ Tinker

    William M. ‘Bill’ Tinker

    Commander William M. “Bill” Tinker (U.S. Navy, retired) died peacefully on July 8, 2019, at his home in Yellow Springs.

  • Yellow Springs Schools — Holden addresses facilities

    The schools facilities task force meeting, Wednesday, July 3, set aside time for incoming Yellow Springs Schools Superintendent Terri Holden to speak about her perspective on the task force’s role.

  • Village Council—Local electricity mega-green

    Yellow Springs has the greenest power supply of the 139 municipal members of its electric supplier. It may even be the greenest on the region’s electric grid.

  • Antioch College — Summer Institute series debuts

    Taking advantage of its new academic calendar, Antioch College is introducing a set of public programs under the organizational umbrellas of Summer and Winter Institutes.

  • Classroom climate — How do YSHS students learn?

    One factor that impacts student learning is the physical environment. Many survey respondents stated that the type of seating arrangement helps them learn, and that they mainly preferred classroom seats arranged in u-shapes (left) or in clusters, and not in rows (right). (Photos by Olivia snoddy)

    In education, presenting information is only half the battle. The classroom environment, both physical and social, and the way information is presented also has an impact on student learning.

  • ‘Interrupted Motherhood’— The juggling act of single motherhood

    Felicia Chappelle as Vanessa in her one-act monologue, “Interrupted Motherhood.” The show debuts in Yellow Springs on Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20, at the Foundry Theater. (Submitted Photo by Khalil Nasar)

    For playwright and actor Felicia Chappelle, art is therapeutic — whether it’s being received or created.

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