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Allen Laverne Jones

Allan Laverne Jones

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Former Yellow Springs resident Allan Laverne Jones, retired professor of visual arts at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, died peacefully at his home on Oct. 18, 2019. Born in Fort Worth, Texas in Nov., 1940, he is survived by his wife of 56 years, Glenda Wynelle; sister, Claudia Cushman (Thomas); sister-in-law, Danette Ray (Charlie Clikeman); mother-in-law, Louise Ray; and niece and nephew, Candi Sullivan (Michael) and Kyle Cushman. Allan was preceded in death by his parents, L.L. and Naomi Jones, and his father-in-law, Winfred Ray.

Allan graduated from Northside High School, Fort Worth, and earned a bachelor of science degree from Texas Wesleyan College in 1963. He was awarded a master of fine arts degree from Claremont Graduate School in Claremont, Calif., in 1965.

Allan was dedicated in equal measure to his career as a teacher and his profession as an artist. Beginning at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1965, he later taught at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, and subsequently returned to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1986. His tenure at Antioch College, 1970 to 1986, was a formative and enriching experience, one of the highlights of his life.

Advising and encouraging developing artists was Allan’s great joy. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette recognized his commitment to education with the Dr. Ray Authement Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013, and Allan has been named the 2020 recipient of the SPARK Lifetime Achievement in Arts award by the College of the Arts, University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

In addition to teaching, Allan was equally committed to investigating ideas in art, and he produced a large body of work that has received critical attention and acclaim. His work was exhibited in many venues, including New York City, Cincinnati, Dayton, Denver and Lafayette. Working in his studio was always Allan’s preference. He was in his element there.

A memorial gathering celebrating Allan’s life at his Hidden Hills home will be announced at a later date. A family graveside service will be held at Berry Creek Cemetery, Georgetown, Texas. Those who wish may recognize Allan with a donation to the Edith Garland Dupre Library, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Lafayette, La.


4 Responses to “Allan Laverne Jones”

  1. Stephen Cooper 2 says:

    Eulogy for Allan,Karen,David,and the Antioch of the 70’s

    We were fortunate,I believe,to arrive when we did like an Unchained Melody.Ending as the river in Finnegans Wake,to the welcoming Sea.Like a Mystery Train,in a Rod Serling script,we ending up in the Far Rock Away of YellowSprings,at a moment in time when they were’A Changin’,Allan,Karen,et al hitting the ground running,in a wheel of perpetual motion,driven by an engine of Creative Conflicts.Misfits finding their way in the dark,by Starlight.The Counter Cuture,brilliantly held aloft atop a Wave,before fading seemingly back into Main Stream.Arthur Morgan,frail but alive,Horace on his pedestal admonishing us to Nobly Achieve for Mankind.So reluctantly were we to leave youthful dreams,that Allan cattle prod in hand had to load us back onto the car.Riding off I recall his warning about the dangers of conventional themes Sunsets/Palmtrees.Dont look back,I thought..and yet on occasion.
    Certain plants in the desert bloom but once a magnificent display occurs after years of unassuming existence.Those wind blown seeds are now scattered,and what was returned back to earth….alive with possibility.The price to be paid for these gifts,a sacrifice,to our hearts inclination ,who can say?Our small Victories,may not award each of us our own Monument of Bronze on the green lawn of the future.When all has been said and done like the native warrior on steed,facing”The End of the Trail.” Lonely riversruns,to the Sea….to the open arms,…I’ll becoming home….wait for me …or something like that anyway.

  2. Stephen Cooper says:

    I was just thinking of Allan,as I occasionally do,came across this notice sadly.Those days are alive still,The Create Conflicts,as we were challenged.I went by the old Art building,such as it now is,that was then new.Karen,John,that Mustang of Allan’s,your little Victorian with the African Violets on the shelves under the glare of purple ultra violet…That was and is Love,plain and simple…not everything here and now,or forever can be lost..in our hearts,there is much more than remembrance.

  3. Glenda Wynelle Jones says:

    What a lovely, lovely memory! Thank you! Wynelle

  4. Carolyn Williams says:

    My first encounter with Alan Jones was in 1975 upon entering Antioch.I was wondering around in the Art building, and I heard this man yelling, here tree, here tree. I thought oh boy here we go!
    It turned out tree with his dog.
    He was a great teacher.
    I think of it often and remember him fondly.

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