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Screenshot from the governor's briefing, April 4, 2020

How Ohioans are changing their behavior after the stay-at-home order

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Ohioans are traveling and buying less, while visiting parks more, new data released by the state suggests. Dr. Amy Acton presented some of the figures at the governor’s briefing on Saturday, April 4.

The statistics, showing the difference in behavior on March 29, compared with the period of Jan. 3–Feb. 6, include:

  • Retail and recreation: -43%
  • Transit stations: -33%
  • Grocery and pharmacy: -19%
  • Workplace: -35%
  • Parks: +117%
  • Residential: +10%

Acton called the figures “proxy measures for how well we are are doing at staying at home.” Ohio’s stay-at-home order went into effect on March 22 and was extended last week through May 1. The figures include aggregated cell phone location data, Acton explained.

“What we’re doing together is making a difference,” Acton said, reflecting on the data.

“We’re giving our hospitals a little more time every day,” she added. “This is how you and I are changing this hurricane from a Category 5 to a Category 3.”

A New York Times analysis also used cell phone data to see where people were travelling on the week of March 23, showing that travel was down significantly in Ohio and other parts of the Midwest, along with the Northeast. Click here for a larger image.


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3 Responses to “How Ohioans are changing their behavior after the stay-at-home order”

  1. Barbara White says:

    Thank you! Megan, for your feedback. (My hearing isn’t quite what it used to be.) I’ll record the briefing the next time or put it on closed caption in case something escapes my understanding. I know they are all doing the best they can to explain the situation to us. (( virtual hugs )) Thanks, again.

  2. Megan Bachman says:

    Hi Barbara! Thanks for your comment. I thought Dr. Acton said that 60% would contract the virus, not all Ohioans. I could be wrong, but that was my recollection, and corresponds with previous comments.

  3. Barbara White says:

    I’ve been watching these updates regularly and for the most part have found them informative, and assuring in their information and ability to keep me informed. That said, I have to object to something Dr. Acton said today. If I heard her correctly at one point, she said we’re all going to get this horrid virus “sooner or later.” Well, I’d rather not, if it’s just alright with her. Not now, not soon, not ever. Now, I’m off to slice up a tee shirt for my face and pulling some elastic from my undies for my ears and continuing all recommendations because, well, this caped crusader is worth it. And so are you!

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