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  • Point and click

    Rising second grader Ellie Lake and her mother, Carla Leer-Lake, introduced themselves to new Mills Lawn Principal Michelle Person, who was at the local farmers market on Saturday, Aug. 22, for a “meet and greet” with students and families.

  • Council recommits to anti-racism

    At their Aug. 17 virtual meeting, Village Council members agreed to move forward to meet the demands of local anti-racist rally organizers and take other steps to address racism locally after tensions escalated between the two groups in recent weeks.

  • COLUMN: Into the thicket

    A briar patch is a “thicket formed by any number of unrelated thorny parts.” The briar patch figures prominently in the escape route of “Brer Rabbit,” the trickster figure in African American folktales in the mid-1800s.

  • What the village kneads— ‘Bootleg’ bagels fly from local kitchen

    Local chef Ben Bullock recently opened a new micro-bakery out of his home in the village. Bootleg Bagels offers made-to-order bagels that are chewy on the outside and soft on the inside with a variety of toppings.

  • Yellow Springs Development Corporation

    The Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, a local quasi-governmental organization, held a brief virtual meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

  • Public Meetings


  • Justice System Collaboration Committee • Virtual Meeting

    Justice System Collaboration Committee • Virtual Meeting

  • Louis Edgar Sims

    After running the gamut of life’s experiences, with his wife by his side, Louis died Aug. 5, 2020, from heart failure and pancreatic cancer.

  • Isabel Newman

    Longtime village resident and social justice advocate Isabel Newman passed away Monday, Aug. 17, at the age of 94.

  • Parents explore alternative school options

    The continuing pandemic has prompted area schools to restructure their methods and approaches, often drastically, with some adopting an online instructional plan, at least to start the year.

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