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Former Yellow Springs Primary Care doctor Donald Gronbeck was arrested on Friday, Oct. 21, on charges of rape, sexual battery, sexual imposition and gross sexual imposition. (Photo from Greene County Prosecuting Attorney's office)

BREAKING | Former Yellow Springs doctor arrested

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At 11:55 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 21, former Yellow Springs Primary Care doctor Donald Gronbeck was arrested by members of the Greene County Sheriff’s office, according to Greene County Jail booking records. 

According to court documents, Gronbeck was arrested on 50 charges, including rape, sexual battery, sexual imposition and gross sexual imposition. 

The charges — which include nine first-degree felony counts, 11 third-degree felony counts, 15 fourth-degree felony counts and 15 third-degree misdemeanor counts — were filed in a secret indictment, on Thursday, Sept. 20. A secret indictment is a charge that is not made public until after the subject has been arrested.

Greene County Prosecutor David Hayes told the News on Friday afternoon that more information from his office is “forthcoming.” A press conference regarding the indictment will be held Monday, Oct. 24, at 2 p.m., in the Greene County Commissioners’ conference room at 35 Greene St. in Xenia.

Following accusations that Gronbeck sexually assaulted eight patients between January 2013 and January 2022, and developed a sexual relationship with one of those patients, the State Medical Board of Ohio suspended his license Jan. 19. 

Then, on Jan. 20, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification, Greene County Sheriff’s Office and area law enforcement issued a search warrant for his Yellow Springs office at 888 Dayton St.

On Feb. 16, Gronbeck voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine and surgery in Ohio. On the basis of that surrender, the state medical board permanently revoked the license. 

Gronbeck is a 2002 Antioch College graduate and a longtime Greene County resident. After he finished his medical residency at Grant Medical Center in Columbus in 2014, he opened Yellow Springs Primary Care in May of that year. Gronbeck served as the Antioch College campus physician from 2015–2019, working concurrently at the college and his own practice.

Since the temporary suspension and permanent revocation of Gronbeck’s medical license, Yellow Springs Primary Care, Gronbeck’s private medical practice, has been closed. In a phone interview with Thor Sage, who owns the 888 Dayton St. building that housed the practice, Gronbeck ended his lease in July. 

“The practice is completely shut down,” Sage said. “He was attempting to sell the practice, so he wanted to maintain the lease. July was the last month he paid rent and then he moved out.”

The News will continue to provide updates as they’re made available.

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5 Responses to “BREAKING | Former Yellow Springs doctor arrested”

  1. "Chances" R. Good says:

    FYI according to online legal sources:

    If a State Board revokes a doctor’s license, that Board is sending a clear message that the doctor has done something wrong. This information is made public and searchable. In most cases, if a doctor’s license has been revoked in one state, the chances are good that it will be revoked in another.

    When a person surrenders a professional license, however, all of that information may not be available – and it won’t stop another state from allowing a doctor to practice. This is because surrendering a license is a voluntary act; it is up to the doctor to surrender in every state, not the Licensing Board.

  2. Bett says:

    Did he get prohibited from practice JUST IN OHIO? Hellsbells it should have been a surrender that included prohibition anywhere in the USA and Canada, shouldn’t it have? WTF He can set up his med bizz someplace else if that is all there is and innocent consumer beware. (Unless of course he goes to jail and is too old to work by time he gets out.)

    “On Feb. 16, Gronbeck voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine and surgery in Ohio. On the basis of that surrender, the state medical board permanently revoked the license.” BUT:

    Is his license revoked in Ohio only??? Article is not clear on that aspect.

  3. BW says:

    It is frustratingly incomprehensible to me that in the 21st century incidents like these can still go on for so long.

    It is my personal belief that ALL medical facilities should provide patients or their guardians with information on how to file a complaint with a state licensing agency. And, certainly make known to patients what would constitute a criminal offense and the appropriate channel to report those incidents to if they should ever occur (sheriff or local PD numbers and departments). If it were mandatory to provide such info upfront to patients, no one particular medical facility (or college/university physician) should feel ‘signaled out’ or be unduly suspect, but yet, they would be providing valuable information that may empower or save a patient via informative tools necessary should they, or even a friend encounter such tragic circumstances as what is described in these allegations. There should never be a whole group violated by any one particular doctor or facility in Ohio or anywhere in this country. Enough is enough.

    Because it is a trust relationship, victims are often dumbstruck and unable to comprehend what just happened and that they are not to blame for the violation of trust. One should never have to leave a doctor’s office wondering what ‘they’ did to cause ‘his/her’ provider’s inappropriate behavior, but that is sometimes what happens. A person may not even recognize that an actual crime has occurred or that they have been victimized. It is not the patient who has taken an oath to ‘first do no harm’ and violation of this type of relationship can be every bit, in my humble opinion, as devastating as molestation by predatory clergy.

    State medical boards should have consumer advocates who are trained and never obligated by peer pressure to look aside. I don’t know what the make up is of boards in Ohio. I do know that these types of incidents have no place in health care whether it be private, or academic. Our system seems to have failed these women/men and may continue to do so unless some safeguards become standard, welcomed practice. Thank you.

  4. BettleJuice says:

    Certainly other villagers must have known what was happening because people do talk when crap like this happens to them. They have to try to make sense of it! There WAS an anonymous section in the paper called the “Village Pickle” and I wonder if these crimes might have been reported there(?) Sh_t happens and people may as well shout down the crevice of some lonely canyon before they’re heard because everyone seems too busy sustaining appearances or posting on social media to listen. or care. Talk to a f’n rock. Been that way forever.

    May a Higher Power give shelter in the safety of His/Her wings.

  5. Eugene Murphy says:

    45387 is Toxic and everyone talks non stop “better than you vibes”
    How many lies and lives will you attempt to destroy to save face. Many more beautiful memories before the creepers took over.

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