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Local artist and News columnist Iden Crockett has released a video piece, entitled "Person," in recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility.

Local artist marks Transgender Day of Visibility with video piece

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In recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility on Friday, March 31, local resident, artist and YS News columnist Iden Crockett has released “Person,” a collaborative video piece.

The video piece was directed by Niko Taylor and features Crockett along with artists Sammie Davis and Camilo Velasco-Overson.

According to Crockett, the video has been in development since early February, and aims to be “an assertion of humanity and a celebration of self.”

Crockett writes: “[‘Person’] is a response to the dehumanizing and transphobic rhetoric that has dominated the airwaves of America. I couldn’t sit by and allow the transgender story to be hijacked by hate peddlers and political [sleight] of hand artists. Trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming people are individuals. Each of us has our own story and our own beauty. We deserve to be heard and seen, and respected as people.”

Crockett writes a regular column for the News, “My Name is Iden,” in which she ruminates on life as a transgender person and her own responses and reactions to and reflections on that life. In addition, she has launched a new initiative, “Ask a Transperson,” which invites readers to submit queries about what it means to be transgender, from Crockett’s personal perspective; she intends to answer queries in future columns.

As Crockett writes: “‘Ask a Transperson’ is an experiment in vulnerability. I believe strongly that being an open and honest ambassador is the best way to dispel myths, fears and misunderstandings.”

Click below to watch “Person.”


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