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Articles About Class of 2020 Initiative

  • A tribute to YSHS 2020 senior athletes: softball and baseball

    With the support of the Yellow Springs High School coaches, the News is highlighting all the spring sports senior athletes and their career accomplishments. This week, we complete our athlete profiles with the softball and baseball teams.

  • A tribute to YSHS 2020 senior athletes: track and field

    In mid-March, after three weeks of initial conditioning and three more weeks of practice, the Yellow Springs High School track and field team was ready for a successful spring season. Ohio schools, however, were closed before the team could participate in its first meet.

  • A tribute to YSHS 2020 senior athletes: tennis

    This tennis season, featuring a team with depth and natural talent in abundance, would have been “one for the storybooks,” according to Coach Stacey Knemeyer this week.

  • Yellow Springs Schools—Facilities task force begins work

    An 11-member task force assigned to develop a plan for addressing local school facility needs — both now and in the future — is beginning its work by seeking opinions from the community.

  • School facilities update — K–12 options off the table

    The Yellow Springs school district is no longer considering building options that would put a combined K–12 facility on a single site, according to Superintendent Mario Basora this week. He cited cost as the reason for taking the K–12 options off the table.

  • Yellow Springs school board— Early success on 2020 plan?

    It’s only 2017, but the 2020 strategic plan for Yellow Springs schools is — with a few key exceptions — mostly accomplished.

  • School board praises 2020 Plan

    The Yellow Springs school district’s 2020 Plan, which aims to increase student success by enhancing innovation in teaching and learning, appears to be achieving its goals.

  • Angela Wright leaves school board with hope

    Angela Wright left the school board last month after 20 years and four full terms of serving the schools. (Photo by Lauren Heaton)

    Having served 20 years as a Yellow Springs school board member over a span of three decades, Angela Wright has seen her share of ebb and flow in the district.

  • Schools commit to laptops

    The schools are talking tech this year, with a recently established goal to purchase laptop computers to replace the district’s desktop computers, some of which are 10 to 13 years old.

  • A budget for the 2020 plan

    The Class of 2020 10-year strategic plan that the Yellow Springs school district began last year was officially approved by the school board at its meeting Thursday, Dec. 8.

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