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  • COVID-19 Update — December 16, 2021

    Photo: CDC/Dr. Fred Murphy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health; public domain.

    The Ohio Department of Health, or ODH, reported Saturday, Dec. 11, that the first two cases of the Omicron variant had been confirmed in Ohio.

  • Downtown Yellow Springs businesses shift and grow

    As the seasons change, so do some of the village’s favorite businesses: this fall found many local stores shaking up their way of doing things, with some moving, others expanding and still others altering their business models.

  • Sankofa Talk — Back to Jim Crow

    “The public statements of Ohio legislators who have introduced anti-CRT bills clearly reflect they do not understand, nor do they care to understand, what CRT really is.”

  • Book Review | ‘One More Day’ a joyful celebration of life

    This is a novel for everyone wanting to understand aging in this era of increasing life span as well as increasing health challenges.

  • ‘Loud As the Rolling Sea’ — Alyce Earl-Jenkins on the civil rights generation

    In collaboration with 91.3-FM WYSO’s Eichelberger Center for Community Voices, the News is publishing excerpted transcripts from WYSO’s series “Loud As the Rolling Sea.”

  • District report card suggests losses for YS Schools

    Yellow Springs’ most recent score was 83.5 points out of a possible 120 (69.6%), representing a drop of five percentage points.

  • Lawson Place purchase eases tenant worries

    On Nov. 29, Council approved a down payment for the building of $160,000 and authorized the financing of the purchase for up to an additional $800,000. The closing date will likely be after the new year.

  • Tecumseh Land Trust sees leadership change

    What might have been a major transition for many organizations was less earth-shaking for Tecumseh Land Trust, or TLT, when the nonprofit’s longtime executive director retired this fall.

  • COVID-19 Update — November 18, 2021

    Photo: CDC/Dr. Fred Murphy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health; public domain.

    After more than a month charting a gradual decline in new COVID-19 case numbers, Ohio saw a slight rise last week, according to the most recent data from the Ohio Department of Health, or ODH.

  • Miami Township Trustees ponder ARP funding

    A continuing question this fall for Miami Township Trustees has concerned how best to spend about $130,000 in allocated funds through the federal American Recovery Plan, or ARP, related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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