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From The Print Last Week Section

  • ‘Getting to the Root’ returns to the Coretta Scott King Center

    The two-day “Getting to the Root” workshop will be held April 26 and 27, 9 a.m.–4 p.m., at the Coretta Scott King Center on the Antioch College campus.

  • The Patterdale Hall Diaries | How it all began

    “When we bought this place, we bought more than 1.8 acres of woodland and vegetable beds — we discovered a place that had been loved. Really, really loved. You cannot ignore that. It resonates. It thrums.”

  • Local duo to debut aerial classes

    On March 27, villagers Maya Trujillo and Kayla Graham will begin offering aerial movement classes at the Wellness Center, where folks can learn to hoist themselves high via aerial fabrics.

  • Donate to relocation fund for East Palestine family

    Following a Feb. 3 freight train derailment that was carrying hazardous materials, and a resulting chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, village resident Jenny Johnson established a fundraiser to help relocate a family who lived a quarter mile away from the wreckage.

  • Global flavors at MAZU restaurant

    Officially opening Friday, March 24, at 11 a.m., MAZU features a menu without borders, a menu influenced by Taiwanese, Israeli and South Indian culture, reflecting the cultural backgrounds of the three owners

  • Building Community | A lifetime at the movies

    Jenny Cowperthwaite Ruka’s longevity at the the Little Art Theatre— her “continuity of experience,” as she called it —  helped make it a welcoming place for community members over the years, no matter the changes to policy, practice or even the theater’s physical space.

  • ESports program debuts at Yellow Springs High School

    There’s a new sports team at Yellow Springs High School — but you won’t find its members on a court, field or pitch. Several days a week, the ESports team is in the media center, competing against other schools in their league via computer.

  • Emergent Verse | A poetry workshop

    Banner for column "Emergent Verse" by Ed Davis

    “Poet and Yellow Springs resident Maggie Dean has kindly let me use her wonderful poem “Mental Math” to demonstrate some aspects of poetic craft I’ve learned over the years.”

  • Yellow Springs business owners denounce plastic ban

    The message from a number of local business owners at a recent town hall was clear: The proposed legislation to restrict commercial single-use plastics is too hasty.

  • New cannabis store opens in downtown Yellow Springs

    After years of learning about CBD, its medicinal effects and the business side of the industry, Shane Ayrsman and his wife Sarah DeVore recently opened Tweedle D’s on Xenia Avenue, in the heart of downtown Yellow Springs.

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