2021 Yellow Springs News Merchandise

From The Print Last Week Section

  • Development group plans LLC

    Without public discussion or explanation of its intended focus, the Yellow Springs Development Corp., or YSDC, recently approved “the formation of an LLC for development purposes,” earmarking $3,000 for the effort.

  • Mud-soaked fun at Perry League

    “And that’s our rain-soaked, muddy July 16 Perry League, Yellow Springs’ T-ball program for all kids 2–9 years of age, regardless of their race, color, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity, spiritual inclination or practice, ability or disability.”

  • Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse now casting ‘The Time Machine’

    Celebrating its 27th year, the Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse will explore a world decimated by climate change in its performance of “The Time Machine,” by H.G. Wells. The show is currently being cast and will premiere this fall.

  • YS Development Corporation explores new loan program

    At its most recent meeting, on Tuesday, July 13, conducted online, the Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, took action toward addressing a perceived deficiency in the local financing of for-profit economic development projects.

  • New era, location for WYSO

    This article looks more deeply at WYSO’s plans for the Union School House that were announced in last week’s News.

  • COVID-19 Update

    Photo: CDC/Dr. Fred Murphy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health; public domain.

    After a three-month decline, COVID-19 cases in Ohio and Greene County increased over the week. It follows a national trend of growing caseloads, which is associated with the much more contagious strain of COVID-19 known as the Delta variant.

  • Love and energy at Perry League

    “You might have a nice little laugh and maybe a bit of fun, a few moments of joy, should you join us at Gaunt Park. These kids and their families are terrific people full of love and energy, goodness and grace — so why don’t you treat yourself? Come on out. We’d love to have you.”

  • Down to Earth — Recycling confusion

    The throwaway plastic that holds our takeout food and wraps our dry cleaning is widely seen as one of the world’s biggest environmental hazards. It pollutes as it is produced, through the extraction of fossil fuels, and no sooner than it is used, it pollutes again.

  • YS school board — Facilities levy set for ballot

    After months of incremental steps leading toward the goal of putting a nearly $35.6 million facilities levy on the November ballot, the Yellow Springs school board has taken the final move necessary to place the measure before district voters this fall.

  • Lumber yard to be market, eatery

    Once renovated, the Lumber Co. Market & Eatery, at 108 Cliff Street, would transform what is currently a storage facility along the bike path into an open public space where villagers and visitors can shop, dine and work.