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  • MillWorks owners look to address concerns

    New villagers Jessica Yamamoto and Antonio Molina, pictured with their nine-year-old twin daughters, Sophia and Jessie, are the new owners of Millworks Business Center. The couple buys and rehabs properties that they resell or maintain as rentals. (Photo by Carol Simmons)

    The new owners of MillWorks business park, who are requesting a zoning change on the property to allow for more uses, were at the Emporium on Sunday, Feb. 17, to field questions and address citizen concerns about the project.

  • UPDATED: Local police search for missing villager, no trace found in Glen

    The Yellow Springs Police Department is currently investigating a missing persons case involving a local 26-year-old male, Leonid A. Clark, according to a press release today.

  • MillWorks seeks zoning change

    An industrial park in the village is requesting a zoning change to allow for a mix of uses, according to its new owners this week.

  • Coroner rules local death accidental

    The Greene County Coroner has ruled that a local shooting death in the village in December was an accident.

  • Documents pertaining to the 2019 investigation of YSPD Officer Meister

    Documents pertaining to the 2019 investigation of YSPD Officer David Meister

  • Hearing set in Meister disciplinary process

    A pre-disciplinary hearing for Yellow Springs Police Department Officer David Meister has been set for Thursday, Feb. 7.

  • YSPD Officer Meister faces termination

    Yellow Springs Police Officer Dave Meister was presented with a commendation for exceptional service in the line of duty. (News archive photo by Lauren Heaton)

    Yellow Springs Police Officer David Meister faces possible termination after Village administration alleged he may have violated policy by not responding to a fatal shooting in the village last month.

  • Village offers snow removal tips ahead of winter storm

    With 5 to 8 inches of snow forecast for Yellow Springs on Saturday, the Village of Yellow Springs offered some tips on staying safe and helping with snow removal.

  • Village Council — Senior apartments vetted

    Questions about the impact of a proposed apartment building on Village infrastructure, area traffic and local seniors were addressed at Village Council’s final meeting of the year on Dec. 17.

  • Village Police Reports – 2018 highlights

    We appreciate the hard work of the Yellow Springs Police Department throughout the year to keep the community safe. But in the weekly Village Police Reports, there are usually a few items that are “head scratchers.” Here are some of our favorite colorful and unusual items from the past year’s YSPD reports.


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