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Yellow Springs lost an additional 7.3 percent of its population in the last decade, continuing a 40-year population plummet.

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  • Love and energy at Perry League

    “You might have a nice little laugh and maybe a bit of fun, a few moments of joy, should you join us at Gaunt Park. These kids and their families are terrific people full of love and energy, goodness and grace — so why don’t you treat yourself? Come on out. We’d love to have you.”

  • Down to Earth — Recycling confusion

    The throwaway plastic that holds our takeout food and wraps our dry cleaning is widely seen as one of the world’s biggest environmental hazards. It pollutes as it is produced, through the extraction of fossil fuels, and no sooner than it is used, it pollutes again.

  • Appreciative Living — What are you thinking?

    Metacognitive thinking, according to one definition, is an awareness of one’s own thought processes and an understanding of the patterns behind them.

  • Mullin takes helm at the Yellow Springs Senior Center

    Local resident Caroline Mullin recently was named the executive director of the Yellow Springs Senior Center, or YSSC, and she brings with her a vision for the center as a place for resources and meaningful engagement for people of all ages.

  • Board of Zoning Appeals says no to Agraria barn rental

    School group visits are OK. Renting out a historic barn for weddings and other social or community events is not. Setting up a farm store or stand is fine. Renting a conference room to other groups is questionable.

  • Perry League — Bright-eyed and back at the tee

    Tie-dyed T-shirts and joyfully shrieking kids can only mean one thing: Perry League T-ball, with Coach Jimmy, is back again after a year’s absence.

  • Little Thunders — Advice, medicine for Antioch graduates

    “And so I offer you — graduates of Antioch — advice grounded in my Anishinaabe teachings of a way forward in all four directions. East is the direction of beginnings, and the teachings from the east remind us that all life is spirit — the wind, earth, fire, and water, all those things that are alive with energy and movement.”

  • YS Senior Center founder to be memorialized — Plaque to honor Rev. Dr. Matthews

    The Rev. Matthews’ contributions and legacy were honored in a virtual program Thursday, June 24, by the Senior Center. Matthews’ family, center members, villagers and community organization representatives gathered to honor his contributions both to the center and to the village.

  • Reparations fund to address past injustice

    From left, Yellow Springs residents John and Maria Booth and Liz Porter were among the participants in Black Lives Matter protests at the Beavercreek Walmart in December 2014, following the police shooting death of John Crawford III in August. (News Archive photo by Diane Chiddister)

    Though the national conversation around reparations began again in earnest last year as Americans took to the streets in protest over the police killings of Black Americans, that conversation continues to stall over a series of sticking points: What should reparations look like? To whom should they be granted? And who should pay them?

  • Appreciative Living — How are you feeling?

    We all have just experienced one of the most devastating and seemingly never-ending global pandemics that will be remembered for the rest of our lives. So, I ask again: How are you feeling?