Mixin' In The Gravy Section :: Page 11

  • BLOG-Winter’s Ketchup


    Friday’s roasted chicken dinner yields a surprise.

  • BLOG-Changing Colors


    My children and I share a love of autumn…its sounds, its smells, and especially its colors.

  • BLOG-Deli as Oasis


    The delicatessen Current Cuisine is a community asset offering rich morsels for the busy local, the adventurous cook, and the visiting traveler.

  • BLOG-Sustainment


    The Yellow Springs United Methodist Church—like many of our spiritual centers—is a lesson in sustainment.

  • BLOG-A Festive Peifer


    As the days have grown shorter and colder, my daughter can sense the closeness of a much anticipated holiday.

  • BLOG-Beer Battered Breakfast


    You would think by my beginning that I was making buttermilk pancakes, but the bottle of Pumpkin Ale from Yellow Springs Brewery speaks of more ambitious plans.

  • BLOG-Breakfast, Real and Imagined


    You know life is good when reality exceeds dreams.

  • BLOG-A living legacy from Grandpa’s garden


    This week, we brought back tasty treasures from my grandfather’s garden and a lesson in living long and well.

  • BLOG-A Yellow Springs Potluck


    There is Yellow Springs Time and Yellow Springs Potluck Time. Do not confuse the two!

  • BLOG-Cooking with Head and Heart


    Cooking is a soothing, restorative occupation. After the emotional impact of that first arriving school bus, I find solace in making pasta.