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Yellow Springs News Blogs Section :: Page 20

  • BLOG — The Citizen Kane of White Rabbit Red Rabbit

    “I felt like I was waiting for each scene to prove to me the movie’s unparalleled greatness…The play blends the voice of the author, the actor, and the play’s character into an odd reflection on authority.”

  • BLOG— Scenes from an interview

    She paused. I paused. Ross seemed to read my mind, or my raised eyebrows. “Yup, raw fish in the blender.” It was an ordinary kitchen blender, I saw later. Perfect for fish frappes!

  • BLOG-Sweet Embellishments

    We indulge in Summer’s last splashing pleasures.

  • BLOG— Refusing to bend

    Suppleness, or its lack, is on my mind, and not just because the world is experiencing its annual arteriosclerosis. Change, any change, triggers in me a sort of panic.

  • BLOG— YS BBQ up close and personal

    “I was raised around barbeque. My father barbequed all the time. He gravitated towards food – he was a gourmet cook and he taught himself a lot of his skills. I grew up crawling underneath the seats in a restaurant that served barbeque.”

  • BLOG— The ends of things

    It’s 90 fierce degrees outside, but summer is done. Labor Day arrives to wake us from the green dream.

  • BLOG-Up and At ‘Em

    We camp. We make fire. We rise with the sun.

  • BLOG — A stand-up guy doing stand up comedy

    “I’ve done hundreds of stand up sets. I was probably on stage between one hundred and two hundred times per year. I was just living for it. You do comedy and there’s nothing else. I basically had an eight-year-long adventure.”

  • BLOG— Block party, circa 1984

    Time was wrinkling. I was leaving one party and stepping into another, long past.

  • BLOG-Inside Kindergartener Out

    “How was your day?” is a question with a complicated honest answer. My five year old now understands the utter inadequacy of “I’m fine”.

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