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YSI acquires DAA, a new subsidiary

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YSI Incorporated has recently acquired Design Analysis Associates, Inc., or DAA, of Logan, Utah, according to a June 11 YSI press statement.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity and glad they are now part of YSI,” Rick Omlor, YSI president and CEO, said in an e-mail message this week. “This is a significant acquisition for YSI and really helps to differentiate us from the competition.”

DAA is a family-owned business that designs, manufactures, markets, promotes, sells and services equipment that measures hydrological data, according to the statement. The company has 32 employees, who will all continue their jobs in their current location. YSI is not releasing information on the cost of the acquisition, according to YSI spokesperson Anita Brown.

YSI, Inc. is a global company that designs sensor instrumentation and monitoring systems for professionals who protect natural resources and acquatic life. At about 150 employees in Yellow Springs, YSI is the village’s largest company.

The Utah company complements YSI’s existing line of water quality and water velocity products “by adding a line of much-needed data collectors and data transmission devices, so their products help collect the data we now generate for the customer and have the ability to transmit from remote locations,” Omlor stated in the e-mail.

“Because we share many of the same customers in the same water monitoring market, this acquisition is extremely synergistic,” Omlor wrote.

DAA founder and electrical engineer William Fletcher, who will continue as a company innovator and technical resource, stated in the press release that the acquisition affords DAA access to international resources and capital for new investments.

“We like the fact that YSI has a solid track record of maintaining acquired companies’ cultures and staff, so we know that our name, employees, location and strategic initiatives remain intact,” Fletcher said.

While not immune to the economic downturn, business at YSI remains solid, Omlor said, with slowdowns in some areas offset by increases in others. YSI added six new positions this year, and expects to add several more, according to Omlor.

“Things continue to go well, not without challenges, but we’re staying the course with our strategy and our plans,” Omlor wrote.

YSI Incorporated was founded 60 years ago as Yellow Springs Instrument company by then-recent Antioch College graduates Hardy Trolander, John Benedict, David Jones and Dave Case in the basement of the Antioch science building. Since then YSI has grown to employing about 300 people in 17 offices worldwide, including sites in Europe, India, Australia and Abu Dhabi, among other places. Initially focused on the invention and production of state-of-the-art instrumentation of all kinds, the business made the strategic decision to focus on the production of tools to measure water quality and velocity in the natural resources market. YSI Incorporated is an employee-owned company.

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