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Photographer John Chumack took this photo of the Aurora Borealis over John Bryan State Park on Monday, Oct. 24.

Aurora Borealis over Yellow Springs

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Thanks to an especially strong solar wind hitting the earth’s magnetosphere, last week the Northern lights could be seen further south than usual. They appeared over Yellow Springs on Monday, Oct. 24.

A coronal mass ejection from the sun hit Earth on Oct. 24 at about 2:00 p.m. local time. The resulting intense geomagnetic storm caused auroras to spill across the sky of the continental U.S. and as far south as Arkansas.

That night area photographer John Chumack of Galactic Images took stunning photos of the display over John Bryan State Park.

Submitted photos by John Chumack

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Aurora Borealis over Yellow Springs

by Megan Bachman