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Ranch Menagerie home to animals big and small

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Many animals come to live on Nick Ormes’ animal sanctuary on U.S. 68 because they are abandoned, neglected or surrendered by their owners. Others arrive the natural way — by being born there. Over the last 10 days the Ranch Menagerie’s population has grown to 73, with the unexpected birth of three sheep.

Current residents at the Ranch Menagerie, on 12-acres of Village-owned land, include 20 cats, 15 chickens, seven sheep, six dogs, five goats, four pot-bellied pigs, two turkeys, one mule and one goose.

Orme started Ranch Menagerie as a non-profit in 2008 after helping Gary Stutzman care for “owner-surrendered” animals on the property for three years. He is now sub-leasing the rear portion of the property from Yellow Springs Botanicals, an upstart rare and exotic plant businesses sited on the front eight acres.

The no-kill sanctuary is only for farm animals and what Ormes calls “working-class dogs” that have experience around other farm animals. He doesn’t accept cats, domestic dogs, native wildlife or exotic animals like lions and tigers, but he does often help find foster or permanent homes for abandoned animals he can’t take on.

See the Feb. 9 issue of the News for the full story.

To feed and care for the animals, Ormes solicits community and in-kind donations. For more information, or to make a donation, visit:

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