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BLOG-Saturday Night Fever

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It was a magical evening, and it almost didn’t happen.

Jeremy and I made a last minute decision to attend the Adult Prom held at the John Bryan Center on 4 May 2013. The Monday before we began combing our contacts for an available babysitter. Our needs—a responsible teenager for two hours—were in direct competition with several other parents’ needs and demands of the all day benefit, Playathon for Hunger, sponsored by the high school band and orchestra. As the weekend arrived, our resource well was near dry of leads though it still brimmed with hope.

spin Doctorbean bag Madonna

The inspiration for the event appears to be one apricot leisure suit owned by Jon Horvath. His wife Karla led the charge organizing—after what seems a 40+ year wait—a fitting venue for the ultracool suit. The stage was set at the Bryan Center gymnasium decked in silver and bulldog blue. Shane Creepingbear spun tunes old school on vinyl, and a snack table was loaded with twizzlers, pretzel sticks, and mouthwatering cupcakes by Harvest Moon Creations. In one corner were piles of bean bags, in another a cash bar, and in a third the official photographer ready to capture couples in their vintage satin, red-carpet silhouettes, fedoras, filmy silks, fiery meringue, pencil ties, crinoline, polka dots, tuxedos, sequins, and paisley.

snack tablemermaid

Not four hours before, I bought our tickets. On a pure leap of faith, I picked up a pair at Iona, the new dress boutique at 232 Xenia Ave. My 5 year old daughter came with me and, after buying the tickets, the two of us lingered to try on Kira Lugo’s pretty dresses. I had been to the Fairfield Mall earlier in the week but had been mightily disappointed in the quality: nothing I looked at would withstand 15 minutes of dancing let alone 5 hours. Iona’s boutique put the department stores to shame: in cut, color, quality, and downright character.

little ElvisPretty Dresses

While I poured over the racks, my daughter did the same. Undeterred by the lack of kid clothes, she picked out her own favorites. The first in red and black velveteen had two bows, its primary virtue. The style looked a decade ahead of her so I steered her toward a yellow and white polka dot dress with a bow she could tie in the front and in the back! For myself, I chose two halter top dresses to try. I loved the red with black polka dot and a peekaboo crinoline. However, the dress that seemed destined for me was a poppy print with red trim. As we picked out matching bracelets, I teared up a bit. After all I was shopping for prom dresses with my little girl and a mere 10 years ahead of schedule.

two bowsyellow polka dots

successful shoppers Dressed to the nines in our formals and polka dotted sunglasses, we met up with the men at the Mills Lawn playground. There husband Jeremy gave me the bad news. Phone calls had been returned and no takers. I couldn’t find a man for my high school prom so I went in jeans and for 5 minutes altogether. Now for my first adult prom, I couldn’t find a babysitter and, therefore, we’d go but stag and in series. It was all too sad.

We were just leaving the playground for the high school playathon when Jeremy’s phone rang again. Jen and Jason had worked it all out. We’d go as a foursome, and two young friends would watch our children. Then, there was the kicker. On our kitchen counter, Jen had left an outfit for Jeremy. Wearing this was his price of admission. We looked at the time (5pm!) and headed straight home to feed the children and primp.

polka dot dress

Back at the house, I got the first look at Jen’s goodwill finds for Jeremy. I have to admit I didn’t get it. A paisley tie…ok…a black and white vintage shirt…hmmm…and a pair of bright green shorts…wha!!?!! I crossed my eyes and started working on dinner. Jeremy took the bag and a shower and, unblinkingly, put on the three pieces. Jen’s genius was revealed, and we bust out laughing. Perfect we thought and that was before we realized the green in the poppies of my dress and Jeremy’s bright green shorts were the same shade. To his outfit, we added Italian black loafers and a plaid fedora. To mine, we added a vintage brooch and matching earrings, a green and black sash, and high heels from Sweet Sanaa, 138 Dayton Street. We were in short an earnestly matched couple.

loud Shirtspretty In Pink

Not to be outdone, our date doubles Jen and Jason were knockouts. She wore a gorgeous mermaid satin dress—hello, enchantment under the SEA—and hair out to there. He primped—or, should I say, pimped—in a purple wide brim hat and silk shirt streaked by lightning. Together they sparked.

blue glowfever

Once at the prom, we danced our feet off going nuts over the Commodores, David Bowie, Madonna and Beyoncé, the Divinyls and Sir Mix-A-Lot. This town knows how to have a good time, and we all threw ourselves into the evening. We opened the dance floor at 7:30pm and dragged ourselves away at 11:30pm. Jeremy has since worried aloud that he has forever identified himself as “that guy” at the adult prom, but I tell him, as hot as it got in the gym, he set a trend in future prom wear.

great gams Version 1great gams Version 2

By the end of the night, people were spontaneously coming up to get their picture taken with him. The ease of the crowd made the event. The shared evening will live on, glorious and garish, as a night filled with cool drinks, groovy tunes, and outrageous fun. We’d lost the angst of youth and found true love…and there’s the enchantment.

Eighties ThemeEnchantment Under The Sea

So that is how you found us on the cover of this week’s Yellow Springs News in the throws of a Saturday night fever…living proof that magic happens. It’s all a mix of faith and love and friendship. Oh, and a splash of fashion too.


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