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February, 2015

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February 5, 2015
  • Antioch Review still surprises
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    When Bob Fogarty became editor of the Antioch Review in 1977, his goal in maintaining the college’s literary magazine was to keep surprising readers with fresh, lively work.

  • Songwriter, singer, Yellow Springer
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    “If I could ride on monarch butterfly wing/I’d go and catch the joy I’ve found within the Springs.”

  • Attorneys vie for position of Village solicitor
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    Last Wednesday, Jan. 28, Village Council at a special meeting heard presentations from three law firms that are vying for the position of Village solicitor.

  • Ertel group adds a magazine
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    A local publisher has purchased a Charleston, S.C. magazine focused on that region’s arts and culture.

  • Council eyes sidewalk levy
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    What’s the best way for a town that promotes walkability to maintain its sidewalks? Is it fair to make homeowners pay for upkeep when they may not receive financial benefit from their investment?

  • Township trustees appoint Spracklen
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    During the year John Eastman served on the Miami Township Board of Trustees, he showed an interest in road safety and regional issues, such as maintaining good water quality and protecting source water in the region, fellow Trustee Chris Mucher said last week.

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    One Response to “Mary M. Morgan”

    1. Jan Goodwin says:

      I loved Mary Morgan ever since she came to my water class. She had such a love for life and a wonderful spirit. She truly was a role model for me. When we were doing pictures for the calendar a tree had fallen across the river at my house. All the ladies from the water nymph class came with their hats on and made it out to the tree for their picture. Mary was one of them and scared to death of getting into the river, but she did and it was a great shot. I never knew how scared she was till later. I would say that was how she approached life, scared or not she went for it. There will always be a warm spot in my heart for Mary and the world has lost a great person.
      jan goodwin

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