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Watching confidently as his car wins yet another race is Loren George, center right, the eventual champion of the official bracket. Pictured are , left to right. Juliet Creighton, Leslee Creighton, Jonah Simon, Evan Galarza, Chris Wyatt, Loren George, Timmy George and Mitch George. (Photo by Megan Bachman)


Local Boy Scouts host epic Pinewood Derby

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On Monday, Feb. 23, the revitalized Cub Scout Pack 578 held its inaugural Pinewood Derby.

Throwing a Yellow Springs twist on proceedings, the organizers arranged two races. First was a no-holds-barred, no rules, build-what-you-want-as-long-as-it-rolls competition and second was a law-abiding made-to-official-Boy Scouts of America-specifications race.

Approximately 25 children competed for a glittering array of plastic trophies. Cars with named like Banana Thunder, the Flying Hot Dog and Pink Sparkles 4 took the track. Master of ceremonies Jon Horvath ran the competition at the Presbyterian Church. In the end, Javin Obringer’s steel plate assisted car won the cheat-as-much-as-you-like-bracket and Loren George was victorious in the law-abiding BSA-approved race.

” I want to thank everybody that helped make the evening a success,” said Cubmaster Chris Wyatt, who manned the racetrack, after the event. “We had a blast.”


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