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  • Village Council — What about the beavers?

    Members of Council, the Yellow Springs Tree Committee and local environmentalists considered that question at Council’s Oct. 17 meeting, following a report by Village Manager Patti Bates that beavers, previously believed to have taken up residence only at the Glass Farm wetlands, are now making a home, and a dam, at Ellis Park.

  • Indie film, big-budget humor

    Writer, director and Yellow Springs resident Joel Moss Levinson (with hands raised) directed on set at a recording studio in Kettering last week. Levinson and his brother, Stephen, wrote and directed “Boy Band,” a comedy musical about a boy band trying to make their comeback album 17 years later. The production is being shot on location in Dayton and the Miami Valley, and features nationally known stand-up comics as members of the boy band. (Photo by Dylan Taylor-Lehman)

    Last week, at the end of a quiet residential street in Kettering, a recording studio was taken over by a film crew. Outside were box trucks full of equipment, miles of cables running to and from the buildings, and an impressive spread of catered food.

  • World House Choir to welcome new members

    The World House Choir will welcome new members on Nov. 7.

    The World House Choir will welcome new members on Monday, Nov. 7.

  • MLS hosts Town Hall meeting

    In the run-up to Election Day, Mills Lawn students recently grilled two area candidates on the issues.

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