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Virginia Ellis Wicks

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Virginia Ellis Wicks

Virginia Ellis Wicks

Virginia Ellis Wicks

Virginia Ellis Wicks

Virginia Ellis Wicks, at the age of 91, passed away quietly at home in Reddin, Calif. A beautiful woman, selfless and loving, she brought joy to many hearts.

Born in Yellow Springs to a civic-minded family — Charles, of Ellis Park fame, and Martha Ellis — Jini was indoctrinated into service at an early age. Graduating from Bryan High School as valedictorian, she urged her classmates to take part in world affairs, major or minor, to better social conditions and improve health, education and harmony with all fellow beings.

Like many young girls of her era, she chose to go into nursing to support the country’s effort to bring peace in a time of war. She attended St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing, graduating in 1948.

Jini worked her first job as a nurse in Rochester, N.Y., as her husband, Wilbur Hallett, gained a doctorate in the field of medicine. They then moved to Seattle to start a family. 

Four children later — three girls and a boy — Jini was living and working in Southern California, a now-single mom with her last child about to graduate high school. As luck would have it, her knight in shining armor swooped in and carried her off on an exciting ride into retirement, adventure, travel, new friends and extended family, new religion and much love.

They moved to Texas, which became home base as they traveled the country many times by motorhome, often stopping in Yellow Springs to visit family and friends. 

As time went on, her family grew; grandchildren were added, and then great-grandchildren. So, it was back to California late in life, to spend time near the youngsters. As usual, new friendships were easily forged. 

She loved to sing, play bridge and bingo, and knitting — not so much. Above all she loved to love, and everyone got a taste. There was always plenty to go around.


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