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Yellow Springs fall Street Fair canceled

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On Thursday, August 12, the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce announced via Facebook that it was cancelling this year’s fall Street Fair, originally scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 9. 

The announcement read:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: After communicating with Village officials and monitoring the increasing COVID threat in Greene County, the YS Chamber Board has decided to cancel this fall’s Street Fair scheduled for October 9. The decision does not come easily, as we know many local businesses and nonprofits count on the income they receive from this popular event, as does the Chamber itself. We are closing vendor applications immediately and communicating directly with those who have already applied, please be patient with us as we work through this process. If you have specific questions or concerns, please send an email to

No other details were given and attempts to reach the Chamber for more information were not immediately returned.

The Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce has now cancelled four straight Street Fairs since June 2020 due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. The biannual event typically attracts around 25,000 people and is a significant source of funding for the local chamber.

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4 Responses to “Yellow Springs fall Street Fair canceled”

  1. Peaches says:

    It is, indeed, confusing to have many festivals in Ohio running full steam as if everything is roses while daily new virus cases climb to 7,0000 plus. I never imagined that people would be defiantly uncooperative in fighting a common enemy, a communicable deadly virus. God grant you health, and common sense. Peace n Love.

  2. JB Whyte says:

    Why couldn’t they section off an area for local venders and only allow vaccinated persons to attend the StreetFair? Frankly, I’m more confused now about safety protocols than I was at the beginning of the pandemic. New York is having that big concert in the park this coming weekend and if they can manage to allow only vaccinated persons in attendance, maybe the village could do something similar to re-invent the street fair until this Pandemic is more submissive to normalcy? There are buildings large enough to host activities too aren’t there? What is lacking? Is it security? How can we make it work?

  3. Boosters Needed says:

    Are the people who got vaccinated early on still protected from Covid? They’re talking about the immunity waning considerably after 6 months and boosters (which aren’t available yet for most unless you meet criteria) aren’t available. This puts a crimp in a lot of plans! I want my older relatives to be protected and we just can’t make plans because of this Delta variant. We don’t feel safe being in the same area even with the vaccinated if they, too, can continue to transmit the disease and possibly to others with waning immunity like our most vulnerable. Please get those boosters available to all ! Soon. Please.

  4. Les Groby says:

    Well, that’s no surprise at all. I hope the Chamber will use this respite from Street Fairs to re-think what Street Fair ought to be. Let’s downsize it and make it a real Yellow Springs event again, with only local vendors and entertainers.

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