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Film Section

  • Horror-comedy filmed in Yellow Springs

    Movie magic was in the village air last month, when a five-day shoot for a short film was held at a home on the south end of town.

  • Yellow Springs Film Festival establishes Julia Reichert Award

    To honor Reichert’s legacy, the Yellow Springs Film Festival and PNC Bank have announced creation of the Julia Reichert Award, a $3,000 short film prize to be given to an emerging female documentarian.

  • Yellow Springs Film Fest to showcase ‘Mini-Fest’

    Yellow Springs Film Festival is gearing up to present its Mini-Fest at the historic Little Art Theatre Saturday, April 6, offering audiences a lineup of films that promise to leave a lasting impact.

  • Young artists bring ‘OTIS’ to life

    A newly released short film produced by a group of current and former YS Schools students, “OTIS,” is a meta meditation on the unpredictable nature of art, among other themes.

  • Little Art Theatre receives $100,000 grant

    Just before the lights went down for a screening of “The Wizard of Oz” last Thursday, Nov. 16, Little Art Theatre Development and Community Impact Director Katherine Eckstrand walked into the auditorium to cheers from a full house crowd.

  • New Little Art Theatre manager is old hand

    Next time you go to the movies, you can join the longtime Yellow Springs resident Caleab Wyant in celebrating his new position at the Little Art if you greet him by his new title: Theater Manager.

  • Yellow Springs Film Festival to debut this fall

    The Yellow Springs Film Festival will debut Oct. 6–8, with film screenings at the Little Art Theatre and special events at the Foundry Theater and Crome Architecture.

  • ‘Oppenheimer’ panel talk slated at Little Art

    Local resident Dr. Tanya Maus, director of the Peace Resource Center at Wilmington College, will lead a panel discussion at the Little Art Theatre Sunday, Aug. 6, following the 6 p.m. screening of “Oppenheimer,” beginning at approximately 9 p.m.

  • Two ‘Barbie’ Reviews | ‘Plastic politics’ and ‘A doll’s duality’

    On Friday, July 21, the Little Art Theatre debuted “Barbie” to a capacity crowd. News writers Reilly Dixon and Lauren “Chuck” Shows reviewed the film.

  • Antioch alumnus debuts Little Art-inspired work at Japanese art festival

    Antioch alumnus John Wells’ contribution to Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale was an art installation that included the construction of a miniature movie theater called “Cinema Kamigo.”

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