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Film Section

  • Dave Chappelle documentary comes home

    “Dave Chappelle Live in Real Life,” which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the rural outdoor comedy shows presented by the locally based comedian against the catastrophic backdrop of summer 2020, opened at the Little Art Theatre on Thursday, March 24.

  • ‘A Powerful Thang’ returns to Yellow Springs

    On Saturday, April 2, “A Powerful Thang,” which was shot in large part in the village, will screen at the Little Art Theatre, where it debuted upon its release more than 30 years ago. Filmmaker Davis will make her return to the village for the screening.

  • Review | Nostalgic politics and pitfalls in ‘Licorice Pizza’

    Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s recent blockbuster film “Licorice Pizza” wants to remind us of all the thrills, seductions and dramas of adolescence.

  • Review | ‘Nightmare Alley’ and the long con

    Benecio del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley” revives the carnivalesque narrative to remind audiences that deception has its consequences.

  • Review | The tweedy pastiche of “The French Dispatch”

    “It is, after all, both in form and reference, a love letter to The New Yorker and some of its past luminaries.”

  • Little Art Theatre’s new managing director settles in

    As the Little Art celebrates nearly 92 years of operation, Kristina Heaton, its newly hired managing director, is making it her personal mission to continue building a legacy that reflects the values of the theater and of the Yellow Springs community.

  • ‘This Time This Place’— Chappelle documentary debuts

    As New York City audiences went back inside theaters last weekend, the first show on the docket was the premiere of a new documentary set in Yellow Springs.

  • Bognar, Reichert film— The 9to5 movement

    “9to5” premiered nationally on PBS’ Independent Lens program on Feb. 1. It will air on Dayton’s ThinkTV16 on Thursday, Feb. 4, at 10 p.m., and on ThinkTV14 on Friday, Feb. 5, at 10:30 p.m. Viewers can also stream “9to5: The Story of a Movement” through pbs.org for free this month.

  • ‘small ohio town’— See filmmaker work-in-progress

    Filmmaker Steve Bognar wasn’t initially intending to document the life of a small town when he set out — but for over 12 years, that’s just what he’s done as he’s continued to film the cycles of Yellow Springs life.

  • ‘Caesar’s Redemption’— Local history, authentically imagined

    Local playwright Kane Stratton is debuting an eight-minute film vignette drawn from a longer script that explores the life of a Black man named Caesar, a “maroon” among the Shawnee people of southwestern Ohio in the 1770s and beyond.

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