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Mixin' In The Gravy Section :: Page 28

  • BLOG-Turning Corners

    The greater part of extreme happiness is relief.

  • BLOG-While A Mighty Wind Did Blow

    Earlier this month, we made big plans for this weekend. But what is that saying…”Man plans. God laughs.” Certainly nature had a good chuckle conspiring against us.

  • BLOG-Hot and Cold

    There is something instantly gratifying and refreshing about soup. At least that is what I found in the heat of our first full day of summer.

  • BLOG-Special Cake for a Super Girl

    Today finds me working another quilt. This time the medium is sugar.

  • BLOG-The Uncut Cloth

    Life is like a bolt of fabric full of possibility.

  • BLOG-And The Beet Goes On

    beets, radish, spinach, and zucchini

    Beets are amazingly resilient plants, and they are a wonderful medium for combining cooking and gardening skills.

  • BLOG-Iris, the Goddesses’ Rainbow

    I had a marvelous opportunity this week to attend the dedication of the new Iris Garden at Cox Arboretum. A couple of weeks prior, volunteer coordinator Janet Metter asked if I could help hand out programs and snap pictures at Wednesday’s ceremony. I’m so glad I said yes.

  • BLOG-The Indulgence

    In a stunning turn of events, I offer my daughter collard greens… and she eats them.

  • BLOG-What’s at Stake

    In vegetable gardening, an early investment in infrastructure pays off at harvest.

  • Happy Cinco de Mayo

    One of my favorite meals is fish tacos. For Breakfast!