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Yellow Springs lost an additional 7.3 percent of its population in the last decade, continuing a 40-year population plummet.

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  • IN BRIEF | YS Credit Union suffers massive fraud attack

    The Yellow Springs Federal Credit Union recently became one of many targets of a widespread debit card-based fraud attack. Of the local credit union’s 2,000 person membership, 161 card-holding members were affected by the attack as of Monday, Sept. 19.

  • EnviroFlight leaves Yellow Springs

    After 13 years of operations, Enviro­Flight has officially left Yellow Springs. Founded in the Millworks industrial park in 2009 by Glen Courtright, the sustainable agriculture company produces animal and plant feed made from black soldier fly larvae.

  • Brahler sells Veganry restaurant

    While many villagers who enjoyed the Veganry’s menu options may be disappointed by the announcement, Jayne Brahler is hoping that the community will embrace the site’s new owners, villagers Angie Hsu, Matan Mazursky and Kumar Jensen

  • YSDC considers ARIA Group visioning

    The Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, originally established as a quasi-government organization charged with improving economic development prospects for the village and the township, has been engaged in a months-long visioning process that will determine the future direction of the organization.

  • YSDC asked to consider rental housing

    In a presentation made at the YS Development Corporation’s July 5 meeting, villager Dirk Lackovich-Van Gorp asked the organization, amid a months-long process to determine the organization’s future direction, to consider affordable housing as it continues its deliberations.

  • McDonalds purchase Ha Ha Pizza

    The mother-daughter pair of Karen and Megan McDonald recently bought the restaurant from longtime owner and operator B.J. Walters, who has been with the local pizza parlor for the last 25 years.

  • Greene Canteen to close doors

    If you’re a fan of The Greene Canteen’s healthy food options, now’s the time to make a trip downtown: The restaurant is closing Thursday, June 30.

  • Street Fair to return this fall

    The view of Fall Street Fair 2018 from the porch at the Mills Park Hotel in early afternoon. (Photo by Olivia Hasek)

    After a two-year absence, Yellow Springs Street Fair is officially set to return this fall, on Saturday, Oct. 8.This will be the first Street Fair since fall 2019. The last five scheduled dates of the semiannual fair were canceled due to significant transmission rates of COVID-19 in the region and state.

  • Dave Chappelle buys Oberer land

    Yellow Springs resident and comedian Dave Chappelle has purchased at least some portion of the 52-acre land previously owned by Miamisburg-based Oberer Land Developers.

  • New business | Salsa’s Tingz for Black hair

    Yellow Springs resident and natural hair stylist Kafisalah Salahuddin fills a special niche in the community for African American residents — providing natural hair care services and products through her company, Salsa’s Tingz.

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