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Village Council Section

  • Village Council renews municipal Wi-Fi efforts

    Since the Village implemented a municipal broadband pilot program in early 2022, over 100 homes and businesses have opted into the network.

  • Village Council weighs future changes to zoning code

    At the most recent Village Council meeting, Monday, April 15, Council members wrestled with a familiar issue: Should the Village zoning code be modified to encourage more high-density and affordable developments? The answer from most Council members was “yes, but in due time.”

  • Village Council | March 4 Meeting

    In his Manager’s Report, Burns told Council that development of the future 90-home subdivision, Spring Meadows, is on schedule.

  • Johnnie Burns sworn in as Yellow Springs village manager

    At the most recent Village Council meeting, held virtually on Tuesday, Feb. 20, Interim Village Manager Johnnie Burns was appointed to permanently fill the manager role, following unanimous approval from Council. He was officially sworn in early Wednesday morning.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 20, Village Council meeting is virtual

    The next Village Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 20, at 7 p.m. This meeting will be held virtually, due to an increased risk of COVID.

  • Village Council adopts ceasefire resolution on Israel-Hamas war

    On Monday, Feb. 5, at the group’s most recent regular meeting, Village Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

  • Village Council reviews infrastructure, public safety improvements

    At Village Council’s Tuesday, Jan. 16 meeting, the group covered considerable ground in reviewing recent, ongoing and upcoming improvements to local infrastructure and public safety.

  • Village Council settles first-of-year business

    At the group’s first meeting of the year, on Tuesday, Jan. 2, Village Council took their seats with new membership.

  • Village Council | Utility Round-Up now ‘opt-out’

    At the group’s most recent meeting Monday, Dec. 18, Village Council voted to automatically enroll all municipal utility customers in the Village’s Utility Round-Up program.

  • Village Council says ‘no’ to housing on CBE land, for now

    On Monday, Dec. 4, Village Council continued the ongoing discussion of pursuing a plan that could culminate in the construction of a low-income housing development on the 35-acre land known as the CBE.

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