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Youth Section

  • Many draws at Perry League

    Many thanks to all who step up to help us every week, we couldn’t do it without you! Perry League is into the second half of our 2024 season next week, please join us!

  • What heat? Perry League T-ballers revel in dirt

    The children seemed to revel in the opportunities presented by this alignment of circumstances and savored every moment. They kicked dirt and dust, they rolled in it, they filled their hats with it, and they threw dust in the air by the handful.

  • Down and dirty on the Perry League diamonds

    Whether as a result of halftime popsicles or tongues protruding for improved at-bat concentration, many kiddos inevitably had patches of brown dirt stuck to their upper and lower lips. What a look!

  • Perry League T-ball magic begins with new season

    Friday, June 7, signaled the start of the current year’s Perry League T-ball season, a cherished tradition since 1970.

  • Tar Hollow Camporee slated

    A 60-plus-year tradition continues this month with the annual community “Camporee” event at Tar Hollow State Park.

  • Open Air Village to host fundraiser yard sale

    Early education center Open Air Village, which offers nature-based preschool for ages 3–5 and additional programming for infants and kids through age 10, will hold a multi-family yard sale Saturday, May 25, with proceeds to support the private institution.

  • Perry League T-Ball season to begin

    Kai Kingsley very much keeping his eyes on the ball at Friday night’s Perry Leauge. (Photo by Matt Minde)

    Perry League is the village’s beginner baseball program for all children ages 2–9, regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or level of skill.

  • Beauty abounds on T-ball field

    Walking to the diamond adjoining the T-ball diamond Friday, July 21, to begin the field preparation process, we noticed a doe and two fawns frolicking in the open field.

  • Perry League creates lasting joy

    “The memories and feelings from this summer will warm our hearts during those cold dark days of winter. Our spirits will be lifted by the hope and promise of the upcoming 2024 season, for we know joy will always prevail.”

  • Heat can’t dampen Perry League joy

    Before the game even started, a trio of girls were observed in the infield tossing the fine dirt above their heads and making clouds while belting out “Let it Go.”

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