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Youth Section

  • Beauty abounds on T-ball field

    Walking to the diamond adjoining the T-ball diamond Friday, July 21, to begin the field preparation process, we noticed a doe and two fawns frolicking in the open field.

  • Perry League creates lasting joy

    “The memories and feelings from this summer will warm our hearts during those cold dark days of winter. Our spirits will be lifted by the hope and promise of the upcoming 2024 season, for we know joy will always prevail.”

  • Heat can’t dampen Perry League joy

    Before the game even started, a trio of girls were observed in the infield tossing the fine dirt above their heads and making clouds while belting out “Let it Go.”

  • Perry League | T-ballers shine in the ‘dog days’

    Friday night’s T-ball contest was like those preceding this season, having in common a field overflowing with sunshine! And each one of the Perry League players in attendance projected that light.

  • Perry League’s ‘Midsummer Classic’ draws local sluggers

    Many of those who arrived at Gaunt Park for the Perry League “Midsummer Classic” event were greeted by the unmistakable smell of french fries.

  • Perry League’s noteworthy legacy

    Oriah Foley was one of many enthusiastic t-ball players last Friday, June 11, at Gaunt Park. T-ball meets there each Friday evening from 6:30–8 p.m. and is open to all 2 to 9 year olds and their parents. (Photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    Three years after Donald Perry’s death in 1967, the baseball league he founded was renamed Perry League in his honor. His legacy has been going strong for more than half a century.

  • Free lunch program feeds local youth

    The event marked the second Friday during which volunteers from the local Pleasant Grove Missionary Church set up on the porch of the library to hand out sandwiches, chips, fruit and water to kids at no cost.

  • Perry League | T-ball nights full of surprises

    The local T-ball league has now encompassed more than five decades and endeared itself to the hearts of many children and families in the village.

  • Perry League | Magical T-ball season starts anew

    About five dozen children responded to the 6 p.m. whistle. You could sense the magic in the children’s faces as they anticipated play. I remembered just how fun and worthwhile these games can be in those first few moments while children line up and wait.

  • Perry League T-ball season nears

    As the school year winds down, and the summer months near, Perry League T-Ball is preparing for its 53rd season. The beloved local program remains an all-volunteer undertaking, with play taking place this year every Friday evening in June and July, 6–7:30 p.m., at Gaunt Park.

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