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Articles About APRIL FOOLS! :: Page 2

  • Annual peak of gullibility comes round again

    This has been going on for hundreds of years.

    There’s humor, satire and practical jokery the year ’round, but these take on new meaning, gravitas perhaps, when thrown into relief by the spotlight of April 1st.

  • Council passes “all-clapping” resolution

    This week, Village Council reversed its decision to ban clapping in Council meetings. In place of that decision is a new one: beginning Monday, April 1, all attendees of Village Council meetings will be required to clap for everything.

  • Political climate change galvanizes Antioch College’s mission

    Antioch College students were called to action by changes in the current political climate. (Photo by F. Stop

    Antioch College, the stalwart clarion of human, social and environmental rights, has been galvanized to action by the vast changes in the current political and cultural climate.

  • Centuries-old brass instrument discovered at Antioch

    The 200-year-old flugelhorn recently found hidden in the walls of Antioch Hall.

    Antioch College recently announced the discovery of a 200-year-old flugelhorn on the campus. The horn was hidden in a locked case and plastered into a wall on the second floor of Antioch Hall, where minor renovations began last month.

  • Council to move ahead with CBE construction

    Cresco Labs will break ground on the site of its upcoming medical marijuana cultivation facility on Dec. 14.

    The CBE is set to open in 2018.

  • News criticized for poor editng

    Protestors young and older gather outside the News to voice there complaints about the New's editing policies.

    The YS News has come under fire recently for what some perceive as sloppy grammatical standards and practices.

  • Tom’s pleases with cheeses

    The feisty, cosmopolitan town of Yellow Springs could view itself extraordinarily fortunate to harbor a store that strives to cater to its demanding, world-wise palate.

  • Tractor-trailer overturn has environmentalists overjoyed

    The year-old wreck of a tractor-trailer that was carrying rare prairie grass seeds provides an unorthodox environment for a fragile ecosystem.

    It’s not often environmentalists can rejoice over a massive spill on an industrial level.

  • Mills Park Parking gets underway

    The new Mills Park Hotel addition, the Mills Park Parking, has begun to take shape. The 6-story tower can accommodate up to 80 cars and will host a rotating roof-top restaurant. (Photo by F. Stop Fitzgerald)

    Villagers have wondered why the new hotel is being built so close to Xenia Avenue, as there seems to be plenty of space in back. The answer’s rather pragmatic.

  • Exercise body and soul at Wellness Center

    A handsome villager prepares for a game of racquetball — with a twist.

    On April 1, the Wellness Center announced that it would expand its offerings, seeking to provide members with new ways of exercising that go beyond caring for their physical forms.

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