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Articles About Ellis Pond

  • Village Council | Regular Meeting Oct. 17

    Business conducted during Village Council’s most recent meeting Monday, Oct. 17, included the following topics: a noise ordinance, the fourth quarter supplemental budget, a Rumpke contrat and more.

  • Therapy dog considered for Yellow Springs Police Department

    At its most recent meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 6, Village Council members heard a proposal from Village Manager Josué Salmerón to add a new member — a therapy dog — to the Village’s police force.

  • Village confronts Ellis Pond algae

    Since Village Council’s July 5 decision to prohibit Village staff from using chemicals to mitigate the algal bloom in Ellis Pond, Council members Marianne MacQueen and Carmen Brown have been working with Village staff, members of the Environmental Commission, several environmental scholars and local experts to find a more holistic, and possibly permanent, solution.

  • Village Council to hire new solicitor

    At its Monday, July 18 meeting, Village Council passed a resolution to allow Village Manager Josué Salmerón to negotiate a contract with Amy Blankenship of Frost Brown Todd LLC as the new village solicitor.

  • Village Council | Residents question recent staff changes

    At the most recent Village Council meeting on July 5, several residents asked Village Council members pointed questions about the Village solicitor, finance director and an ongoing state investigation into the Village’s credit card use.

  • Village to treat Ellis Pond for algae

    After several attempts at environmentally friendly mitigation techniques, the Village plans to treat the pond with herbicide to kill the algae.

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