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Articles About history

  • Little Peace Conferences envision post-war peace

    At a time of war, a small Ohio village and the college within it also thought of peace. These thoughts focused on how things should be once the Second World War ended and to be ready for it when it was over.

  • Antioch School celebrates a century

    Last year, The Antioch School — oft-billed as the nation’s “oldest democratic school” — turned 100 years old. The school is hosting a three-day celebratory reunion from Thursday, Oct. 20 through Saturday, Oct. 22, which will include music, workshops, art projects, skits, the long-loved Harvest Supper Potluck — and plenty of memories.

  • YS News 2023 Historical Calendar | ‘Peering beyond the frame’

    The following commentary appears as the introduction to the newly published Yellow Springs News Historical 2023 Calendar. The calendar, which features photos from the News’ vast archives of negatives and historical materials, is available for sale at the YS News office at 253 ½ Xenia Ave. or online.

  • Downtown Yellow Springs’ most-cherished businesses

    “What Yellow Springs store or restaurant — now closed — do you miss the most, and what did you love about it?” In September 2020, the News posed that question to the Yellow Springs community at large and received more than 1,000 responses. Current and former villagers shared their memories and reminisced about places that were true local ­institutions.

  • A historical walking tour of downtown Yellow Springs

    The edifices that line the central throughways in the heart of the village form a patchwork of design and structure. The structures are quirky, asymmetrical and kaleidoscopic in color — the squat skyline, seldom rising above two stories, is jagged and sundry.

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