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Religion & Spirituality Section

  • Kyoto Perry connects to the ‘spirit world’

    Owner of Kyoto Intuitive, Tarot Readings and Medium, villager Kyoto Perry works with people who want to communicate with their loved ones through her work as a medium.

  • Astrology resurgence— Aquarius, herbalism and Pluto

    Yellow Springs has always been a community that welcomes different faiths, philosophies and spiritual centering, and has usually been more accepting of alternative beliefs. This bears out when it comes to astrology.

  • New pastor at Methodist Church

    Latoya Warren, a native of Dayton, was appointed to head the 185-year-old church last month after the departure of Rick Jones, who had served as pastor since 2015. Jones is now pastoring Oakwood United Methodist Church.

  • The Dharma of the Springs

    To find the Middle Path and follow the Dharma of Siddharta Gautama, one need not venture far here in the Springs.

  • Christmas eve outside at the First Presbyterian Church

    Creche at the First Presbyterian Chuch, Christmas eve, Dec. 24. (Photo by Matt MInde)

    Visual artist Brian Millar created a creche in front of the First Presbyterian Church, which houses figures of the holy family made by his mother almost 70 years ago.

  • Returning villager leads Presbyterians

    The Reverend Daria Schaffnit’s journey to fulfill her calling has led her back to Yellow Springs, where she hopes her work with the First Presbyterian Church will have a positive impact on the community.

  • YS Dharma Center to host NYE world peace meditation

    The Yellow Springs Dharma Center is “inviting the possibility of Enlightenment for all beings in the year 2020” with a New Year’s Eve World Peace Meditation.

  • New pastor at historic Central Chapel AME church

    Central Chapel AME Church of Yellow Springs has a new pastor, Rev. Morné Meyer, hailing from South Africa. Pictured here in the South High Street church wearing a robe from his home country, Meyer is aiming to make the local AME church broadly inclusive, and even more welcoming to Yellow Springs residents. (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    One of Yellow Springs’ oldest churches has an energetic new pastor. Reverend Morné Meyer, 38, was appointed to Central Chapel AME Church last month at the historic 154-year-old church.

  • New pastor for historic AME church

    Reverend Morné Meyer, hailing from South Africa, has been appointed pastor of Central Chapel AME Church in Yellow Springs. (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    Central Chapel AME Church has a new pastor. Read more about Rev. Morné Meyer’s leadership of Yellow Springs’ AME church in the Nov. 28 issue of the News.

  • New healing arts school—Coming to grips with grief

    Joshua Hayward is well known in the village for his tarot card readings, astrological charts and as a meditation leader. His three-week course “Negotiating Shadow: Discovering the True Self,” addresses grief, loss and using the opportunity to grow, and will begin this Sunday. (Photo By Gary McBride)

    Like many of us, Joshua Hayward knows a thing or two about grief. His wife, Esther Lail, died in 2013, which is when Hayward’s “path to suffering opened up,” he said this week.

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