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Articles About APRIL FOOLS! :: Page 3

  • Cat park claws for concern

    A proposed cat park, similar to the one above in Filene, Ohio, is attracting the attention of Feline Aid Trust, a group committed to shoring up the health of village cats.

    At its March 22 meeting, Village Council considered plans for a proposed cat park in Yellow Springs. The idea for a cat park was pitched by a group of villagers concerned with the general health and well-being of the village’s numerous domestic cats, and also upset that dog owners might be getting favorable treatment.

  • College to produce ‘patty power’

    Matthew Dirt, interim president of the college formerly known as Antioch, gathers with some of his favorite Methane producers, from left, Lily, Kobe, Suzie, Stanley (partially obscured), Ol' Bess, and Tulip.

    In a surprise move, the leaders of the new Antioch College recently announced that they’re scrapping plans to reopen the school as an independent liberal arts college. Instead, they plan to launch a center for the production of alternative energy, specifically, converting bovine feces into biogas.