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Yellow Springs News Blogs Section :: Page 10

  • BLOG-Mile Mark on the Little Miami Scenic Trail

    Brian Housh On MV Scenic Trial

    Here in Yellow Springs in the 1980s, local residences saw a railway that could be converted to a community asset and connector. Today, the Rail to Trails Conservatory sees a pathway to resurface our maps with the stuff of enduring legacies.

  • BLOG— Street Fairy magic

    Street Fairy? Back behind glass at House of Ravenwood. (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    Ahead in the dimness, I heard bells. A belly dancer was jingling my way, still costumed and ringing from wrist to ankle. She smiled as she passed, enjoying the sleigh-bell sound of her own trot, I think.

  • BLOG-In A Pinch

    seed exchange

    Genetic diversity is the special magic within our seeds…our unique source of resiliency, beauty, and trust.

  • BLOG — Getting real with real estate, part 1


    “The players in the game are the buyer, the seller, the buyer’s agent, the seller’s agent; you have the title company and the mortgage company, and you have all of those people working together and trying to sell a house. And you have me there as a transaction coordinator.”

  • BLOG— Down the rabbit hole

    He's late! He's late! "The White Rabbit," illustration by John Tenniel for "The Nursery Alice" (1890). Image in public domain.

    My legs were pumping at a rate that suggested the Rabbit’s “I’m late, I’m late!” more than the dreamy, psychedelically mellowed Caterpillar. Every time I noticed how fast I was going, I slowed down. That’s all you can really do: notice, and let your grip go.

  • BLOG — On travel, growing up, and Current Cuisine

    With Friends

    “A lot of my favorites are still on the menu, so it transports me back to my yesteryears. It gives me a warm feeling that this is home, and I like that. I know at some point [being in a small town] will catch up to me because I love big city living, but right now it’s perfect for me. There’s a lot of great harmonics and healing here.”

  • BLOG— Do I repeat myself?

    Beautiful repetition. Labyrinth created by Josep Pujiula of wood and trash in Catalunya, Spain. Photo by Adam Fowler, 2010.

    More reliably than memory, writing holds the trace of who you were and are. Often this is talked about in terms of measuring the distance between the two.

  • BLOG-On the Mic


    It’s hard—separating source from feedback—but it’s work worth doing.

  • BLOG — The Citizen Kane of White Rabbit Red Rabbit


    “I felt like I was waiting for each scene to prove to me the movie’s unparalleled greatness…The play blends the voice of the author, the actor, and the play’s character into an odd reflection on authority.”

  • BLOG— Scenes from an interview

    Eyes wide shut? The northern saw-whet owl is a fierce sleeper. Photo by Albert Herring for the Superior National Forest, MN.

    She paused. I paused. Ross seemed to read my mind, or my raised eyebrows. “Yup, raw fish in the blender.” It was an ordinary kitchen blender, I saw later. Perfect for fish frappes!

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