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    Ordinance 2016-08, Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio

  • TLT to host plant swap

    Dicentra cucullaria, or "Dutchman's Breeches," in bloom. (Photo by Biosthmors (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

    Tecumseh Land Trust, or TLT, will host a Native Perennial Plant Swap on Saturday, April 23, as part of Green(e) Fest, a weekend-long Earth Day celebration at Glen Helen Nature Preserve.

  • BLOG— Noticing 101

    My favorite glimpse was a blaze of forsythia growing up between two dark-clad Norway spruces. The spruces have always reminded me of a certain kind of minister or undertaker, while the yolky yellow interlude was like a kid’s laughter in a stern church.

  • Patterns Within – A Geometric Study

    The world, both natural and man-made, adheres to certain geometric patterns that reveal themselves to the trained eye (all photos by Aaron Zaremsky)

  • BLOG-Intermingle Winter Spring

    Strange forces converge on the village in the first days of Spring and the last dregs of Winter.

  • BLOG – The history of Greene County is still interesting

    Greene County’s first Women’s Christian Temperance Union was formed in 1874 and reportedly closed down thirteen saloons in three weeks, and the first piano in Ohio, and “certainly the first west of the Alleghenies,” was made by a resident of Greene County.

  • News criticized for poor editng

    Protestors young and older gather outside the News to voice there complaints about the New's editing policies.

    The YS News has come under fire recently for what some perceive as sloppy grammatical standards and practices.

  • Tom’s pleases with cheeses

    The feisty, cosmopolitan town of Yellow Springs could view itself extraordinarily fortunate to harbor a store that strives to cater to its demanding, world-wise palate.

  • Tractor-trailer overturn has environmentalists overjoyed

    The year-old wreck of a tractor-trailer that was carrying rare prairie grass seeds provides an unorthodox environment for a fragile ecosystem.

    It’s not often environmentalists can rejoice over a massive spill on an industrial level.

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