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  • Writing on the wall

    On Monday, Oct. 31, muralist and artist Pierre Nagley spent hours covering up the tags and graffiti that recently cropped up over his and Lindsay Burke’s tarot mural in Kieth’s Alley.

  • School’s ghouls: Mills Lawn School Halloween parade

    Mills Lawn School students and faculty dressed in their Halloween best filed out of the school and down Xenia Avenue past an afternoon crowd of cheering parents and passers-by before looping back to school to wrap up the day and head into the evening’s festivities. (Photo by Matt Minde)

    After a three-year hiatus, the long-loved Mills Lawn School Halloween parade and town-wide trick-or-treating returned Monday, Oct. 31.

  • Outside voices

    As the days get shorter and feast season approaches, the Mills Lawn School fourth- through sixth-grade choir sang seasonally appropriate songs in a seasonally appropriate drizzle outside the Yellow Springs Hardware store Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 24.

  • Watch tower: Antioch College’s decommissioned smokestack comes down

    After almost half a day wrangling with the well-constructed smokestack from the decommissioned Antioch College power plant, workers take stock of the demolition process. (Photo by Kathleen Galarza)

    The 125-foot-tall smokestack, the most visible part of the decommissioned Antioch College power plant, was demolished Monday, Oct. 10, as part of a $4.25 million grant, the Campaign to Secure the Future of Glen Helen.

  • Pickles, paddles and proceeds

    On Sunday, Oct. 9, comedian and new resident Donnell Rawlings faced villager Donna Silvert in a charity pickleball match on Antioch’s tennis courts.

  • A street affair

    Amid the hustle and bustle of the return of Street Fair on Saturday, Oct. 8, one couple made time for — as far as this newspaper is aware — a Street Fair first: Cincinnati couple Sarah Valenzuela and Michael Kuhl were married by Mayor Pam Conine in an impromptu wedding ceremony.

  • After almost three years, Street Fair returns

    YS Street Fair, 1979; (YS News Archive)

    Yellow Springs’ regionally renowned festival of commerce, crafts and carousing is scheduled to return this Saturday, Oct. 8, from 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

  • Party on the pavement — Yellow Springs neighborhood block parties

    North High Street held a block party on Saturday, Sept. 10. Above, young residents from that and surrounding streets zipped along on scooters and such. (Photo by Lauren "Chuck" Shows)

    North High Street held a block party on Saturday, Sept. 10. Residents from that and surrounding streets came out to enjoy food, games and neighborly conversation.

  • Dogs paddling

    Odin the bulldog was happy to kick back and lounge by the pool while others of his ilk splashed and played in the water. (Photos by Reilly Dixon)

    On Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 5, before the season shut down, Gaunt Park Pool was host to dozens of dogs for one final dip.

  • Keep on truckin’

    Amid the sunny skies and clement weather of late summer, area youngsters and their families were treated with the opportunity to get up close and personal with fleets of emergency and service vehicles at the Touch-a-Truck event on Friday, Aug. 26.


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