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Yellow Springs News Blogs Section :: Page 5

  • BLOG — Chill, dudes

    blueberries for sal

    Lauren “Chuck” Shows says a few words about bears.

  • BLOG-Mini Maker


    I put together my first booth with a lot of help from my friends.

  • Out of Something, Nothing: My Summer as a Professional Mover – the final installment


    That I complain a lot about my fairly trouble-free life notwithstanding, what did I ultimately learn from my summer as a mover? I’m not sure, but my thoughts on the default goodness or evil of human nature tilted in favor of the latter.

  • BLOG— It’s my birthday! (Shhh…)

    The world's own birthday crown, worn proudly and multitudinously in early March. (Photo by Martyn M, via Wikipedia)

    Somehow “it’s her birthday” will be stamped on my forehead, or written in the sky with a big sky-arrow pointing down. Does this border on a sort of pleasant paranoia, a birthday persecution complex? It might.

  • BLOG — How rude

    stephanie and lucy

    The concepts of rudeness and politeness are very neatly ingrained in many cultures, yet the reasons behind them can be so difficult to explain to a child.

  • BLOG-A Cool Cozy

    Who are you? Part and apart.

    We feel the need to be apart and the need to be a part at the exact same time.

  • Out of Something, Nothing: My Summer as a Professional Mover, part 5


    A lot of the movers had become de facto experts on home furnishings. It was hilarious to hear curse-ridden debates about the merits of one brand of easy chair versus another. Tough dudes were constantly bragging that their houses were better furnished than yours.

  • BLOG— Hungering to be known

    The full moon is a lonesome traveler. (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    Astronomy is a mystery to me, but the fact that the full moon sets just behind Joe’s house — that’s easy to understand. If I were the moon, traveling alone all night, I would take my rest there, too.

  • BLOG-Behind the Mask


    We glam up and go to the Yellow Springs Montessori masquerade ball!

  • Out of Something, Nothing: My Summer as a Professional Mover, part 4


    All of the houses full of garbage, the horror of the surprise addition of an industrial-sized refrigerator to the move, almost dislocating your shoulder carrying a wardrobe up narrow stairs – the emotional impact of everything that happens on the job is intensified by the presence of your coworkers.

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