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Wagner Subaru

Mixin' In The Gravy Section :: Page 3

  • BLOG-Sun races Moon

    Keep your well protected eye on our dancing partner. Our bright-eyed fiddler will appear to race behind.

  • BLOG-You and Me, Bro

    Accommodate. Change. Grow.

  • BLOG-Still Life

    My challenge is creating something that will survive.

  • BLOG-Brake, Pedal, Turn

    Our son’s world has just exploded. And that suits him fine.

  • BLOG-Just Peachy

    The peach is my favorite fruit. Now is the time of its harvest.

  • BLOG-Date Night

    In the intensity of tech week, we found moments of intimacy.

  • BLOG-Along the Watchtower

    Look sharp. By Friday night, the knives will be out.

  • BLOG-Moonshot

    The stories that we tell can raise a heaven or hell.

  • BLOG-Gravitational Pull

    If I could, I’d spend every minute in their glow.

  • BLOG-Happy Father’s Day

    We are grateful and satisfied in this moment.

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