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Yellow Springs News Blogs Section :: Page 7

  • BLOG-Seven Squared


    In the prime of life and feeling lucky…

  • Blog – An important chat with a Sex Coach


    “I focus on getting clients to feel comfortable to talk about their sexuality.I think sexuality can be terrifying. It’s a very lonely, isolating experience to grapple with whatever concern you have, but when someone gains control over their sexuality, there is nothing more empowering. I have seen it.”

  • BLOG-Go To Risotto

    Vegan Risotto

    Risotto is a beautifully flagrant dish…rice bathed in wine and as much infused goodness as its grains can possibly hold.

  • BLOG— Fresh starts

    Our lives are like lanterns. Fire balloon on New Year's Eve, 2014. (Archive photo by Matt Minde)

    Are fresh starts really possible? Three weeks after the annual big one — the new door of Jan. 1 — the question seems urgent. This is the time of year when I teeter between hope and despair.

  • BLOG-Tools and Treasures

    Double Rainbow

    Practice comes before theory.

  • Obscure Author Quarterly – Fent Noland, author of the Pete Whetstone letters

    A portrait indistinguishable from that of every other man from his time period

    The following concerns the life of Charles Fenton “Fent” Mercer Noland, an Arkansas humor writer born in 1823, whose works are largely forgotten. His works are full of raucous humor, but they are also an important document of life in the Arkansas Territory and of the development of the American literary voice.

  • BLOG— The radical reality of snow

    A backyard game of Tic-Tac-Toe, and tree wins with a snow-crossed "X." (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    Snow is an artist of great attention. Overnight, it drew perfect circles on the rims of our empty flowerpots. It chalked a fat line across the pitchfork’s handle, and dusted every rusty tine.

  • BLOG-Pear Plum Blueberry Pie

    making Pear Plum Blueberry Pie

    Pear colored stoneware decorated in berry blue, Miami Valley Pottery cradles a favorite dish.

  • BLOG-Stay Awake

    be creative

    Here resolved: Be alive to joy without indulgence, zest without extravagance.

  • BLOG— Another year by

    Quarai Mission Ruins, N.M. (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    Time, is that you knocking? At the door this time, Time, three sharp raps from the oldest knuckles in the world. Another year by, Time? Really? Why, I remember you at last year’s door.

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