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  • Tin Can Economy— All tomorrow’s liminal spaces

    If the spaces we inhabit tend to reflect our inner selves, and vice versa, then we ought to confront the ways in which we expect our surroundings to adapt to the conditions of a future rife with challenges even greater than COVID-19.

  • April 15–22, 2021 Classifieds

    April 15–22, 2021 Classifieds

  • April 8, 2021 — Bulldog Sports Round-Up

    April 8, 2021 — Bulldog Sports Round-Up

  • Patricia Spencer Maneri

    Patricia Spencer Maneri (Patty), beloved wife, mother and grandmother, passed away peacefully on April 4, 2021, at the age of 89 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Banners highlight activist legacy

    To draw attention to the village’s activist legacy, the Yellow Springs Arts and Culture Commission has created a banner series now adorning the lampposts on Dayton Street and Xenia Avenue downtown.

  • Village Council— Gaunt Park pool to open with changes

    The prosepect of hitting the water after a flying leap was made more attractive by the promise of a cool splash, as local Siobhan and her uncle Christian, visiting from Jamestown, saltoed through the summer air at Gaunt Park Pool last Friday. (Photo by Isaac Delamatre)

    Gone are both the two-hour session limits and locals-only days. And higher prices will be charged across the board in the first pool rate increase since 2009.

  • Young’s Jersey Dairy continues expansion

    Changes are again coming to the growing food and entertainment destination, in part due to the pandemic. A new Dairy Store is under construction and a long-time restaurant is being turned into an event space.

  • New directions for ‘Excursions’

    Evan Miller, a lifetime neighbor to the Yellow Springs area from Enon, took over as full-time host of the three-hour weekday program “Excursions” at the beginning of February.

  • Taller by a hare

    The event was at Gaunt Park on Saturday, April 3, and included two egg hunts, for younger and older children, Peter Cottontail, treat bags for adults, live music and more.

  • The Briar Patch— Care for the caregivers

    Caregiving is an extended lesson in patience that lives well beyond the moment — and in many ways is the ultimate life lesson in companionship combined with perseverance.