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April Fools! Section

  • Council passes ‘six inches of separation’ post-pandemic protocol

    Village Council’s passing of the post-pandemic protocol mandating 6-inches of separation has villagers up in (each other’s) arms.

  • News from the Future

    “Council will unveil plans to raze Beatty-Hughes Park after a lost addendum is found to the last will and testament of William Mills, indicating his intention that the land be turned into a parking lot.”

  • Traffic safety pattern snares parents, drivers

    What started out as another attempt at reworking traffic flow to accommodate student drop-off at Mills Lawn School turned into a dystopian, one-dimensional nightmare of automotive agony and no escape.

  • Remote possibilities— Plague lifestyle may be money saver

    The Yellow Springs Snooze is taking the lemons the current pandemic has given it, and is about to make some fine hay. Drawing inspiration from its ongoing lessons in remote production of its weekly product, the Snooze is rolling out the next logical step in decentralization: remote printing.

  • Activists shed light on plight— ‘Save the Lamps’ heats up

    The divisive campaign to “Save the Antioch Lamps’’ has recently gained momentum. The controversy over the college’s appliances has torn the social fabric of the village asunder.

  • Welcome to newest visitors

    For members of Magicicada septendecim, Yellow Springs is the perfect destination for their four- to six-week freelove fest that comes once every 17 years.

  • One size fits all— Building slated for Short St.

    At a recent meeting of Planning Commission, Amalgam Development presented the first rendering of its new energy-coherent, hybrid-concept, collective-purpose complex, which the company aims to open by April 1 of 2022.

  • Villager offended by annual April 1 story

    This is not the time to joke, even if it's funny.

    The Snooze received an email this morning from a villager equally parts confused and offended by an annual April Fools day story.

  • Small change—the sudden popularity of the ‘tiny, tiny house’ movement

    One of the half-dozen tiny, tiny houses springing up in backyards and front lawns all over the village. Its occupant is safely ensconced inside. (Submitted photo)

    Make some room, but not too much, for the Tiny, Tiny House movement.

  • Annual peak of gullibility comes round again

    This has been going on for hundreds of years.

    There’s humor, satire and practical jokery the year ’round, but these take on new meaning, gravitas perhaps, when thrown into relief by the spotlight of April 1st.

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