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October 20, 2016
October 13, 2016
October 6, 2016
  • Community Solutions’ 63rd conference — A focus on climate solutions

    The 76-year-old Community Solutions will hold its 63rd conference, “Climate Crisis Solutions: Charting a New Course.” The event dates are Friday–Sunday, Oct. 21–23. Seventeen local, national and international experts will speak.

  • Former CEO turns talents to art

    The title of Richard Lapedes’s upcoming first show — “Sculpture: Recovering from 30 years of Management” — sums up his feelings on the matter.

  • A hair salon gets a new look

    Hair stylist Lori Deal is celebrating a new “do” of sorts for her hair salon, along with a new shop name, after the recent completion of a full remodeling of the interior.

  • Village a great place to raise children

    In the late 1960s when Robert and Olga Harris moved to the village, racial segregation and prejudice was a reality in most cities and towns. But in Yellow Springs, they found a place where their children were free to be who they wanted to be without the burden of racial prejudice.

  • Next steps on CBE land

    Village Council at its Oct. 3 meeting again took up the subject of the proposed utilities extension to the entrance of the CBE land; Council appeared ready to move ahead on the utilities extension.

September 29, 2016
September 22, 2016

September 15, 2016
  • Officer drops charges— Village settles with Watson

    At Village Council’s Sept. 6 meeting, Council approved a settlement between the Village and Sergeant Naomi (Penrod) Watson, following a charge filed by Watson last spring with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, or OCRC.

  • Seventy years on, still ‘Victorettes’

    Love and pride of community, church, family, friendship and, not least of all, country — the Victorettes of Yellow Springs brought all these together for a group of young African-American women in their teens and early 20s during the final months of World War II.

  • Villagers go to the dogs (and cats)

    On a recent weekend, two things happened at PetNet’s booth at the local farmers’ market that exemplify why the group was founded.

  • Antioch College— New way forward with FACT

    Two months ago, Antioch College President Tom Manley announced the college had received “the best news we could have gotten,” when the Higher Learning Commission granted the college accreditation after an intense five-year effort.

  • Village natives behind Dayton fest

    For the past six months, two Yellow Springs natives have been busy booking bands, soliciting artists and making oversized props. This is the second year that Connor Stratton and Nancy Jane Epling, who now live in Athens, Ohio, have organized the Dayton Music, Art and Film Festival, or DMAFF, and it’s been a nonstop but invigorating hustle.

September 8, 2016

    September 1, 2016
    • Art Hop’s personal look at art

      “There is an enormous amount of art in Yellow Springs,” said Nancy Mellon, the gallery coordinator for the Yellow Springs Arts Council. “The whole town is a gallery.”

    • Antioch hires new fundraiser

      This summer’s accreditation victory could boost Antioch College’s fundraising efforts, allowing the college to tap new sources of support. And now the college has a seasoned fundraiser to carry out that work.

    • New pastor at St. Paul Church

      After several years of difficult divides under the leadership of a controversial priest, St. Paul Catholic Church has a new pastor and, some believe, new hope for healing rifts within the parish.

    • Still seeking justice for Crawford

      In this final article of the series, “Justice for John Crawford,” the News will address the current status, two years after Crawford’s death, of remaining legal efforts around the case, the effect of the shooting on local activists, and reflections from Crawford’s father.

    August 25, 2016

      August 18, 2016
      • Village Council moves ahead on CBE land

        At its Aug. 15 meeting, Viillage Council voted unanimously to accept the 35-acre parcel on the west edge of town known as the Center for Business and Education, or CBE, which was formerly owned by Community Resources.

      • A new school year with new projects, people

        Mills Lawn Principal Matt Housh and McKinney/Yellow Springs High School Principal Tim Krier discussed the possibilities awaiting students in the upcoming 2016–2017 school year.

      • Guns and grand juries up for reform

        Fifth article in this series: In Ohio, the public outcry following the police shootings of John Crawford III and Tamir Rice, as well as the growing national dialogue on policing and criminal justice, has led to a variety of recommendations for structural reform in the criminal justice system.

      • New McKinney, Mills Lawn teachers

        The district is welcoming eight newly hired teachers to the local schools this year. This article introduces the five new Mills Lawn and McKinney Middle School teachers. In a following article will introduce the three new teachers at Yellow Springs High School.

      • McKinney 7th graders launch year in canoes

        As the start of the school year draws closer, teachers and staff at the district’s schools already have plans in place for a number of immersive educational projects that reflect the district’s philosophy of project-based learning, or PBL.



          August 11, 2016

            August 4, 2016
            • Village utility changes beget odd bills

              The trepidation accompanying monthly bills has been on the increase over the past electric and water billing cycles, as a number of Yellow Springs residents have received significantly higher than usual utility bills.

            • Choosing a college and a town

              When Lori Collins-Hall and Chris Burgher first visited Yellow Springs two years ago, they were checking out the village as a place to live.

            • Ehman’s odometer hits 70

              For car aficionados, a car from 1946 is a vintage model that represents a timeless era. Ehman’s Garage, which opened that year, evokes the same sense of a classic era, and is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

            • Racial factors in Crawford’s shooting

              Fourth article in this series: Beginning in the early 2000s, Joshua Correll, a social psychology researcher now at the University of Colorado, began a series of studies examining the effect of race on shoot/don’t shoot decisions.


              July 28, 2016

                July 21, 2016
                July 14, 2016

                  July 7, 2016
                  June 30, 2016
                  June 23, 2016
                  • YSKP’s focus on feisty Alice

                    On a hot summer day last week, the Antioch Amphitheater was filled with kids singing and dancing in the midday sun. If someone missed their cue, the actors went back to their starting places and began the musical number anew. The temperature was in the upper 80s, and the day’s rehearsal was just getting started.

                  • Join YS Pride Parade this weekend

                    Although the recent events in Orlando have prompted outpourings of support and affirmation to the LGBTQ+ community, it doesn’t take tragedy for people to appreciate the beauty of life and love.

                  • Revisiting Crawford, two years on

                    First article in this series: The shooting of John Crawford and other young African-American men by police raised urgent questions about use of force, police relations with African-American communities and the role of race and racism in the justice system.

                  • Antioch College’s Anna Hogarty moves on

                    When Anna Hogarty retires from Antioch College at the end of this month, the college will lose one of its most steadfast cheerleaders.

                  June 16, 2016

                    June 9, 2016
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                      June 2, 2016
                      May 26, 2016
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                        May 19, 2016
                        May 12, 2016
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                          May 5, 2016

                            April 28, 2016
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                              April 21, 2016
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                              March 31, 2016
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                                March 17, 2016
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                                  March 10, 2016
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                                    March 3, 2016
                                    February 25, 2016
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                                      February 11, 2016
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                                        February 4, 2016
                                        January 28, 2016
                                        • A ‘C-Street’ home of their own

                                          Villager Julie McCowan recently bought her first pieces of art, including photographs of the Glen and a cheetah print she found downtown. “I can’t wait to put them up,” she said last week.

                                        • How Mayor’s Court works

                                          There was only one defendant at the most recent meeting of the Yellow Springs Mayor’s Court, who had been cited for driving under suspension. Others present were the officer who issued the citation and Mayor Dave Foubert, who heard the case from behind Village Council’s raised platform in Council chambers.

                                        • Designing, down to the roots

                                          A local garden, planted with native species; an international contest; a part-time resident with coastal ties; a local garden designer with far-flung roots.

                                        • Seeing soil with a physicist’s eye

                                          Villager Allen Hunt recently added another significant line to his already 14-page résumé. Hunt, a professor of physics and earth and environmental sciences at Wright State University, is coauthor of a new book called “Networks on Networks: The Physics of Geobiology and Geochemistry,” a text that explores soil formation and vegetation growth.

                                        • Village Council Jan. 19 meeting— Solar array closer to reality

                                          At their Jan. 19 meeting, Village Council members moved closer to adding solar power to the Village electric portfolio by unanimously approving a resolution that authorizes Village Manager Patti Bates and the Energy Board to review and recommend a 1-megawatt solar array proposal for an array to be located on the Glass Farm.

                                          Feature Photos

                                          January 21, 2016
                                          • Printing to make its mark again

                                            A village legacy is being given new life by a Dayton company that is, in all senses of the phrase, on the move.
                                            Dayton Mailing Services, or DMS, which specializes in high-tech mailing and printing services, is poised to purchase 888 Dayton St., a 10-acre commercial property near Antioch University Midwest.

                                          • From ‘useless’ to ‘use again’

                                            What grabbed Liz Mersky’s attention were the images of an albatross mistaking plastic for food and dolphins struggling while tangled up in the ever growing floating mass of plastic waste that’s been dumped in the oceans.

                                          • School board meeting — Merhemic continues as board head

                                            The school board meeting on Thursday, Jan. 14, was marked by a number of recognitions, appointments and personnel changes in school board and school district offices.

                                          • The art of growing up in village

                                            While many older teens feel compelled mainly by the prospect of leaving town, a group of Yellow Springs High School artists are working together to express what matters most to them about having grown up in Yellow Springs.

                                            Feature Photos

                                            January 14, 2016
                                            • DMS close to closing Dayton Street deal

                                              One of the final major hurdles for the sale of 888 Dayton St., the former home of the Antioch Company, was cleared last Thursday, Jan. 7.

                                            • Council seeks input on goals for 2016

                                              In Village Council’s two upcoming meetings, Council members will identify their top goals for 2016. To do this, they will first consider which 2015 goals they want to move forward.

                                            • Recalling the joy of Center Stage

                                              It was community, and it was theater, and for over 30 years, Center Stage joyfully brought both elements together in downtown Yellow Springs.

                                            • Nipper guilty of reduced charge

                                              Jane Nipper pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct on Thursday, Jan. 7 at Xenia Municipal Court. Judge Michael Murry ordered Nipper to pay a fine of $150.

                                            • AUM workshops explore racism

                                              Antioch University Midwest will host a two-part workshop this month devoted to exploring societal issues of racism and justice, and how those issues are tied to an individual’s perceptions of self and society.


                                              January 7, 2016
                                              • Store finds success in runes — Catering to the metaphysical

                                                Chalk it up to the numinous power radiating from the area or the loyalty of the store’s fanbase, but the House of Ravenwood is on a roll. Yellow Springs’ premier “metaphysical rock shop” recently expanded its square footage, increasing the store’s size by about a third in mid-November.

                                              • A benefit bee for midwives-to-be

                                                Two friends from Yellow Springs are answering a call to midwifery — and hoping for helping hands to aid the work of their own.

                                              • World-class cellist, local roots

                                                Yellow Springs, already a highly musical village, counts a Swiss classical music star as part of its family circle. Switzerland’s Chiara Enderle, whose family has deep roots in the Yellow Springs community, is a rising star in the European classical music scene and routinely plays around the world as a featured soloist.

                                              • Your mission? Count every bird

                                                It sounded like an impossible task: count every bird in Glen Helen and beyond. Birds like the tiny golden-crowned kinglet, barely bigger than a hummingbird, and the great blue heron, a solitary dweller in the area’s streams and ponds.

                                              • Nipper on leave, wife arrested— BCI investigates YSPD officer

                                                Last week Village leaders announced that the most senior member of the Yellow Springs police department was placed on administrative leave two weeks ago due to an ongoing investigation into a charge of misconduct. And in a related incident, his wife was charged with disorderly conduct.


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