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This page contains links to the most recent articles published in the print edition of the Yellow Springs News. Sports and obituaries from the print edition will appear the day of the paper’s publication; feature stories will appear the one week after publication in the print edition.

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June 30, 2016


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        June 23, 2016
        • YSKP’s focus on feisty Alice

          On a hot summer day last week, the Antioch Amphitheater was filled with kids singing and dancing in the midday sun; the day’s rehearsal was just getting started.

        June 16, 2016

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            June 9, 2016
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              June 2, 2016
              May 26, 2016
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                May 12, 2016
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                  May 5, 2016

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                              February 11, 2016
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                                February 4, 2016
                                January 28, 2016
                                • A ‘C-Street’ home of their own

                                  Villager Julie McCowan recently bought her first pieces of art, including photographs of the Glen and a cheetah print she found downtown. “I can’t wait to put them up,” she said last week.

                                • How Mayor’s Court works

                                  There was only one defendant at the most recent meeting of the Yellow Springs Mayor’s Court, who had been cited for driving under suspension. Others present were the officer who issued the citation and Mayor Dave Foubert, who heard the case from behind Village Council’s raised platform in Council chambers.

                                • Designing, down to the roots

                                  A local garden, planted with native species; an international contest; a part-time resident with coastal ties; a local garden designer with far-flung roots.

                                • Seeing soil with a physicist’s eye

                                  Villager Allen Hunt recently added another significant line to his already 14-page résumé. Hunt, a professor of physics and earth and environmental sciences at Wright State University, is coauthor of a new book called “Networks on Networks: The Physics of Geobiology and Geochemistry,” a text that explores soil formation and vegetation growth.

                                • Village Council Jan. 19 meeting— Solar array closer to reality

                                  At their Jan. 19 meeting, Village Council members moved closer to adding solar power to the Village electric portfolio by unanimously approving a resolution that authorizes Village Manager Patti Bates and the Energy Board to review and recommend a 1-megawatt solar array proposal for an array to be located on the Glass Farm.

                                  Feature Photos

                                  January 21, 2016
                                  • Printing to make its mark again

                                    A village legacy is being given new life by a Dayton company that is, in all senses of the phrase, on the move.
                                    Dayton Mailing Services, or DMS, which specializes in high-tech mailing and printing services, is poised to purchase 888 Dayton St., a 10-acre commercial property near Antioch University Midwest.

                                  • From ‘useless’ to ‘use again’

                                    What grabbed Liz Mersky’s attention were the images of an albatross mistaking plastic for food and dolphins struggling while tangled up in the ever growing floating mass of plastic waste that’s been dumped in the oceans.

                                  • School board meeting — Merhemic continues as board head

                                    The school board meeting on Thursday, Jan. 14, was marked by a number of recognitions, appointments and personnel changes in school board and school district offices.

                                  • The art of growing up in village

                                    While many older teens feel compelled mainly by the prospect of leaving town, a group of Yellow Springs High School artists are working together to express what matters most to them about having grown up in Yellow Springs.

                                    Feature Photos

                                    January 14, 2016
                                    • DMS close to closing Dayton Street deal

                                      One of the final major hurdles for the sale of 888 Dayton St., the former home of the Antioch Company, was cleared last Thursday, Jan. 7.

                                    • Council seeks input on goals for 2016

                                      In Village Council’s two upcoming meetings, Council members will identify their top goals for 2016. To do this, they will first consider which 2015 goals they want to move forward.

                                    • Nipper guilty of reduced charge

                                      Jane Nipper pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct on Thursday, Jan. 7 at Xenia Municipal Court. Judge Michael Murry ordered Nipper to pay a fine of $150.

                                    • Recalling the joy of Center Stage

                                      It was community, and it was theater, and for over 30 years, Center Stage joyfully brought both elements together in downtown Yellow Springs.

                                    • AUM workshops explore racism

                                      Antioch University Midwest will host a two-part workshop this month devoted to exploring societal issues of racism and justice, and how those issues are tied to an individual’s perceptions of self and society.


                                      January 7, 2016
                                      • A benefit bee for midwives-to-be

                                        Two friends from Yellow Springs are answering a call to midwifery — and hoping for helping hands to aid the work of their own.

                                      • Store finds success in runes — Catering to the metaphysical

                                        Chalk it up to the numinous power radiating from the area or the loyalty of the store’s fanbase, but the House of Ravenwood is on a roll. Yellow Springs’ premier “metaphysical rock shop” recently expanded its square footage, increasing the store’s size by about a third in mid-November.

                                      • World-class cellist, local roots

                                        Yellow Springs, already a highly musical village, counts a Swiss classical music star as part of its family circle. Switzerland’s Chiara Enderle, whose family has deep roots in the Yellow Springs community, is a rising star in the European classical music scene and routinely plays around the world as a featured soloist.

                                      • Your mission? Count every bird

                                        It sounded like an impossible task: count every bird in Glen Helen and beyond. Birds like the tiny golden-crowned kinglet, barely bigger than a hummingbird, and the great blue heron, a solitary dweller in the area’s streams and ponds.

                                      • Nipper on leave, wife arrested— BCI investigates YSPD officer

                                        Last week Village leaders announced that the most senior member of the Yellow Springs police department was placed on administrative leave two weeks ago due to an ongoing investigation into a charge of misconduct. And in a related incident, his wife was charged with disorderly conduct.


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